Journey to the North 2009 November Day-2 25-Nov Part 4 Waing Maw and beyond

dear all

the driver came to collect us for our trip to Waing Maw, War Shaung and Sidone
the previous day’s driver had a 3 day order for a tourist and could not take us on our Day-2 trip and had arranged with his friend

the van is a 9B Corolla van 1996 model

owned by the sister of the driver, Zaw Tuu

I was surprised why such a car was being hired out on highway trips

but found out that both of them are buddies

and Zaw Tuu helps out his friend whenever possible

I found out later during the day that he (Zaw Tuu) is the grandson of the elder brother of “HsaMa DuWar HsinWar Naung”

I asked him why the DuWar was not passed to the eldest son as with the HsoPhas (Saw Bwas) and he replied that:

his grandfather was also a DuWar

and that the principalities were divided among brothers and they both or all became DuWars

that was during the colonial and early independence days

when the Kachins were still in the feudal / royalist state

he said that although the elders still have feudal mentality

the newer generation like him are of republican mind

with everyone being equal

there were ruler and serf casts

those of the ruling family only could be named  “Zaw”

and those of the ruling family and the serfs not allowed to intermarry

of course the Bamas and Shans and maybe other ethnic groups also had royalists

like all elsewhere in the world where the ruling families are supposed to be different among humans

Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, Dukes, Duchesses, Barons, Earls, Counts, etc.

even the ThaGyee Myo in villages where ThaGyees are hereditary and passed from father to son

even in modern Communist State of N. Korea, so called Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the DPRK

a modern Kim dynasty is born in a Communist State

with another descendent being groomed as Crown Prince

another dynasty in Singapore

where a Li dynasty is being promoted under the guise of democracy

India luckily escaped finally from the Nehru – Gandhi dynasty in world’s largest democracy

the masses / hordes can be led to do anything by someone with good plans

as we witnessed in the Cultural Revolution in China

the Killing fields of the Khmer Rouge

and the killing of father by son during the BCP BaKaPa

we have to thank our Tatmadaw because they prevented the BCP to take over

otherwise, we would have Killing Fields here in Myanmar too

but we went to the Kachin clothes shop where we bought some Kachin longyis
I bought a Kachin speaking dvd with Burmese subtitle
it was actually another one I looked for
the one recently shown to the press
which I saw on the mrtv-4
but it was not available yet at Myitkyina
it was mentioned as the first Kachin speaking movie
but at Myitkyina, I found several earlier ones on the market
maybe they are classified as vcds and dvds
not movies
I also bought some grapefruit
and sugar
although U Toe Yin told me to have pineapples while there
there were none in the market
as they are of season only during the rainy season
we went to the bus depot
bought tickets to Bhamo for the next day
then we crossed the BalaMinHtin bridge
and crossed over to Waing Maw
where aung ko oo was waiting
he introduced us to his former landlord and landlady
we went off on our way to War Shaung


the Bala Minhtin bridge

it is at the outskirts of Myitkyina

once crossing it, we get to the Waing Maw township

but the town is a little way off to the south

besides the Ayeyarwaddy

a peaceful town

not bursting with activities

with 2 main roads crossing at the centre of the town

the highway from Myitkyina to Bhamo

the MyitHseik – Sadone highway (though War Shaung and the road branch to Man Tawn – ChiPwe and beyond, reaching Panwar and others)



security at the Waing Maw end of the Bala MinHtin bridge



at the petrol shop on the Waing Maw side


before reaching Waing Maw

we got to War Shaung after crossing the Bala MinHtin bridge

and went to ako’s place

he lives at the house of a Man Tawn man and his younger brother

they are younger brothers of the first landlady

she had arranged for him to stay at the house of her brothers

the house in Man Tawn was their parent’s

but after they passed away

it came into the possession of the 2 sons

both younger than the daughters

but under their Kachin law

only sons are allowed to inherit

the daughters are left out

they are actually LaWaw / MaRu

who are the majority Kachin tribe in Man Tawn and Waing Maw

there are Shans in southern Waing Maw

with their pagoda

the Shan Su.

but it is the LaWaws who live in the centre of Waing Maw

the TMO at Waing Maw is a local Shan

whose parents also are Waing Maw people


near Waing Maw

ako had asked us to bring gift cakes for 2 persons

it turned out that they are for his 2 landlords

the former and current

the former landlady the elder sister

the current landlords 2 younger brothers of her

the elder one is in the gold mines up Ayeyarwaddy

with his wife, a midwive in a village near Man Tawn

the younger brother attending courses in Yangon

the house is just off the main road

near the junction of the centre of Man Tawn, a little to the north

not far from the market just beyond (south of) the road junction

and hospital, a little way off but not far

all within 5-10 min walking distance

including the clinic of the TMO where ako is relieving

while the TMO is attending the ZeePinGyee Zeya Course, only after 14 years service

his current landlords are not in Myitkyina when we got there

we only met his former landlord who runs an alternate day transport between Man Tawn and Waing Maw

he and the passengers were at the compound

for the trip to Man Tawn that day

the Toyota Hilux will return the next day

and so on


War Shaung Hlay Seik

after ako joined us

we went to the jetty / Hlay Seik

it is near the centre of the town

and there, one can use the gsm hp

but is cannot be used in downtown Waing Maw

the Hlay Seik is at the margin of the Myitkyina gsm tower area


the War Shaung dam

I have known about this War Shaung dam

since I was young

and the government was Socialist

but army in essence


the road from War Shaung onwards


before the road climbed the mountains

we saw the road to ChePway

on which ManTawn, the village ako is posted lies

it now looks like a side road

as the condition is bad

but it was formerly the main road

and the road to Sidone branches off only after ManTawn

the new and good road is the best in Myanmar

built by a Chinese road construction company

under contract by the PanWar 2nd Kachin peace group


on the road up the mountains

the road climbs up mountains not far from War Shaung till it reaches the border

the condition of the road is the best I have experienced in Myanmar

they are built and still maintained by a Chinese road construction company

China standard

up to the international standard I experienced in Malaysia during my travels to the Cameroon Highlands, Penang, passing through Ipoh both ways, back to Kuala Lumpur and then to and back from Melaka after my training during 2006.


huts beside the highway


road side rock barrier

this method of rock barrier seems to act as a sieve for water to be let in, yet prevent the debris coming down onto the highway

here, the road condition was not good with damage and water collecting on the road

we had to get off the van while it passed the water

we had a good opportunity to take photos


last photo session before we reaches the NaLanKha falls


the last photo before we got to the Nalankha falls


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