Journey to the North 2009 Day-3 26-Nov Part-1 Road to Bhamo

dear all
that morning, I had breakfast in bedroom

form snacks brought from Yangon

because the Nanthidar could not provide us with breakfast before 07:00

as I was packing, the phone rang

it was Ko Than Lwin

calling from outside

I went down and found the front gate locked

and went around through the side gate

but the front gate was open when I reached it

we had met the day before

for a few minutes at his clinic

after our shopping before we went to the bus depot

to make reservations for Bhamo

before we went to Waing Maw

a little later, Pyone joined us

it has been a long time we had last seen of Ko Than Lwin

he has settled in Myitkyina after he resigned from government service

I had a long talk with Ko Than Lwin

while Pyone went up to prepare for the journey

it was quite near 07:00 when I realized the time

bade him goodbye

and went up to finish the packing

Zaw Tuu came in time

but I had not finished packing

it was about 07:30 when we left the Nanthidar

when we reached the bus depot we were told that the bus on which we booked cancelled the trip

and they had us transferred to another bus for Bhamo

which leaves at 08:00

instead of the original 07:00 departure time

we had time and had Shan noodle at the bus depot

it was good

different from the Shan noodles I have tasted elsewhere

in Kalaw, Taunggyi, Khamti, Yangon and Mann Oil Field

after having proper breakfast at the bus stop

we boarded the bus

Pyone seated for bus departure


on the BaLa MinHtin bridge


fuel station outside Waing Maw


the road leaving Waing Maw becomes a rock road not far after leaving Waing Maw

I have heard about it when I was in the NanSiBum jade mines at Khamti during 1995

it was brought out during discussion about China’s roads in Yunnan

which were much better than the Mm roads

I was told that Chinese made their roads manually with rocks put into place by hand

and not tarred

but that these roads are good

and one could drive quite fast

several years ago, I read about and saw the experimental KyaukSi road widening between the ThitYar Kauk bypass junction and Magway

they are made of oblong shaped rocks

placed closely vertical to the road

in about 3 rows

on each side of the road

they widen the road

and last for a long time

with the dry weather

and no water pools

this is the first time I witnessed the Chinese rock road

first from the bus

and later when the bus stops for a while, close up


close up view of the rock road

I learned later from the motorcycle taximan from Bhamo that the rock road is made of only 1 layer of rock

placed on a good sand based road

the rocks packed tightly

you will see that the surface of the road is not even

but as the road is free from mud pools and uneveness

one could drive quite fast even on motorcycle

3 persons on a 125

as I experienced on my trip to the stone village from Bhamo


bus stop

we had KyannMar Yae when the bus stopped for a while

and the opportunity to look at the rock road

there are fruit stalls


P buying oranges at the usual bus stop before leaving Waing Maw

before going on the trip (and even now) we had oranges in Yangon and were fed up because they are not tasty

but ako brought Man Tawn oranges

those from his landlord’s orange farm

they were very tasty

and P bought oranges from the stalls where the bus stopped

they are from nearby farms

and quite good

not as good as those from Man Tawn

but much better than those available in Yangon


the NamtLanYan bridge opening KyaukTaing

the name of Lt. Gen. Khin Nyunt is still clearly seen

unlike those on the ShweDagon Pagoda


on the bus to Bhamo


the NamtLanYan


road to Laizar

Laizar is a border town where border trade flourishes

one of the 2 border trading posts in Kachin State

the other is LweJe, MoMauk township

ako got to Laizar after we returned

he must have sworls / bway in his soles

he has been to Nargis areas, ZeeBinGyi, ShweLi, Mi.Chaung Ye, Man Tawn without us, and now Laizar, although we missed it according to his plans

he bought momentos there for others including a scarf for Pyone, but nothing for me 😦

I heard that there are 2 LaiZars

the Chinese and Myanmar (or Kachin)

actually one LaiZar

across the border

a village and late town split into 2

by the border

between 2 countries

man made boundary

but for the locals, the boundary will not mean much

I remember an article about such a border town in Europe

with the common town hall, hospital and school astride the border

even one classroom is divided into 2

by the border

where classmates of 2 countries learn together in a common classroom which is divided by a line

I also heard of a Naga elder’s (SawBwa) house

built across the India-Myanmar border

the Nagas have been living in Naga area

which include Nagaland of India

and the Naga areas of the Sagaing division in Myanmar

since ages ago

their land now divided into 2 countries

by the British

or was it the King of Myanmar and the Rajah?

a people divided

as with the Kurds, Irish, Basques

a minority in 2 or 3 countries

also the Shans, Kachins, etc.

the problem will never cease

unless people are liberal

and the countries open


before we had lunch


KBZ bank, Manau Poi


Chan Thar Gyee Phayar

our lodging is near this Phayar which is at the entrance of the bus depot

this view is from the 3rd floor where we stayed


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  1. cheap dog houses Says:

    Hey whats up?. I stumbled across your site while I was looking for something else. While I don’t agree with everything you posted we do have almost the same viewpoints by and large. I have bookmarked your website and may visit again in the near future to see what you’re blogging about in 2010!

  2. Nyunt Says:

    Thank you for sharing your travel experience. It make me feel like I was with you in this travel.

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