Journey to the north Day-4 Part-2 Stone village Momauk

dear all

after attending the Manau Poi, we went to the Stone village

it was in Yangon that Pyone heard about the stone village at Bhamo

but on enquiry, we got the idea that it is in Putao

so we did not think about it

until while we were on pilgrimage (PaYarr Phuu) on the morning of Day-4

while going from one place to another, the tricycle taximan mentioned about the stone village

we already have booked tickets for Tagaung for that afternoon

with departure at 15:00

we wanted to attend the Manau Poi at 08:00

and Pyone wanted to go to the market afterwards

after we watched the Manau opening dance go round the first circle

we decided to go away

to the stone village

it is in Momauk township

on the road to LweJe border trade town

the tricycle taximan accompanied us into the Manau Poi

and when we went out, he wanted to take us to the stone village

we had experience about the tricycle taxi in Pakokku during this year’s April holidays

we first hired a horse cart to go to the pagodas

the important ones we wanted to go are:

the ThiHo Shin pagoda, not far from the boat Hseit

and the “ShweTannTint” outside the Pakokku

although the cartman said that he could get us there and back in time for the boat back to Bagan at 13:00, we noticed his hesitation and the implication that it was not possible

luckily a little further on, we came across several tricycles

we stopped the cart and got a tricycle to take us around

so we knew that the 12+ miles to Momauk and then the 7 miles to the stone village will take a long time for the tricycle so we opted to take 2 motorcycles

they will be faster

and if one develops problem the other can always return and bring help

including another motorcycle to take us back in time for the 15:00 bus departure

we looked around for motorcycle carries at the outside of the Manau Poi

there weren’t any

we told the tricycle taximan to take us to the nearest motorcycle stand which was not far away

we hired 2 motorcycles and off we went in the direction of Momauk

Pyone on 1 motorcycle

ako and and me on the other


Pyone on motorcycle in the distance

the tricycle man who took us to the pagodas that morning and accompanied us into the Manau Poi wanted to take us to the stone village

but we decided to take 2 motorcycles

as they would be quicker

and have quick help if something happens in remote places

ako and I went along on one

while P went on the other

as we did later on this trip in Monywa when we hired motorcycle to go to pagoda and to lodging and back to highway depot in the morning


Pyone close up

I was taking photos with my Canon IXUS 400

while sitting behind ako and the motorcycle driver

on the narrow end

one hand holding onto the motorcycle

while holding the camera with the right hand

focusing and taking photos from the moving motorcycle


blurred shot of the computer college Bhamo

forgive me for the lack of good focusing while taking photo with the right hand to the left side

during our travels, I noticed that there are computer colleges and technical universities everywhere

our country needs plenty of computer and engineering graduates if we are to progress

and having them even in Bhamo is good for the locals as they need not go far to learn these courses

travelling is expensive and attending higher learning in far off towns will be a burden to both the students and their parents / guardians


the Bhamo MoMauk border


the road to LweJe and stone village

not far after we got inside MoMauk, there is the road branch to LweJe on which the stone village lies

we turned into the LweJe road and it was bad and I was worried


the stone monument (KyaukTaing) in Momauk at the junction to LweJe

it is in front of ?police



outside MoMauk, the road became stone road and there was no problem with the road till we got to the village where we had to turn off towards the stone village

even motorcycles have no problem with the uneven surface

there were no pits

the stone road is said to reach till LweJe, the border trading town


there is a stream alongside the road


the entrance of the Stone Village


Pyone waiting for us

the motorcycle which Pyone rode was ahead of us the whole time

and as we entered the Stone Village compound

there was a steep climb

ako and I had to get off as the 125 could not climb with the 3 of us

the motorcycle taxi man told us that he would go ahead as we are just about there

and Pyone was waiting for us at the top of the hill


first view of the stone village

we got the first view of the stone village from the top where Pyone waited for us

it was a very beautiful sight

we have had many beautiful sights on this trip

MyitHsone, the road to Sidone, NaLanKha falls, now the stone village

but it is not the last of the beautiful places we got to

there will be more

we had a photo session on that hill top

you will see a bridge across the stream in the far distance upstream

with rocks near the bridge


zoom view of the bridge


ako still has the SUT MANAU POI badge on


the same with me too


downstream view

more rocks with a large one on the right

and a road on the opposite bank

which I did not notice while there

there are many rocks

that is why it is named stone village


beautiful too

we have seen many rocks this trip

at MyitHsone, the NaLan Kha falls and now at the stone village

all are beautiful


even when the MyitHsone is no more

there are still the NaLan Kha falls near Myitkyina

and the Momeik stone village near Bhamo

with stones and water

as beautiful as the MyitHsone

if you have the desire to go


the water is quite clear

with coarse sand on the stream bed near the bridge


the weary travellers

we were lucky to get to the stone village

when we did not expect to get there

as we did not know it is near Bhamo

my plans for the trip was for the MyitHsone, the 3 MyitKyinns and Tagaung

and ako included the NaLan Kha falls and the ruins of the British Sidone fort

excluding the LaiZar (which he got to without us, with a co-worker after our trip)

ako has Bway on his soles

he has a travelling streak

he has been to many places I have not been

in addition to the places we went on vacation

the usual run down places: Bagan, Mandalay, Sagaing, Maymyo, Lashio, Kalaw, Pindaya, Taunggyi, Pyay, ShweBonThar Muni, ShweSetTaw (even once without us while he was posted at Magway), KyaungDaw Yar, Zalun Mahamuni, Ngapali, ShweWar Chaing, Chaung Thar, Ngwe Hsaung

in addition to the unusual places where we had been on trips: Loikaw, Beikthano, TharayKhittayar, Sittwe, KyaukTaw, Rakhine Mahamuni, Dhanyawaddy, WayTharLi, Mrauk-U, LeyMro, KawtThaung, ThaHtay Kyun, Ranong, Beik

he had been to the Muse and ShweLi without us while attending the ZeeBinGyee

and now LaiZar


2 stone workers carry stones repeatedly

I think they are moving stones from this side to the other side to make a garden


the Kyoe bridge


the stones must be the broken down parts of these huge stones

which became rounded by millions of years of water erosion


the way we came across

the bamboo bridge


we had a photo session while we ordered fried noodles for lunch

only 2 plates

as Pyone refused to eat before trying

and there would be no time to order again once she tasted the order

maybe this is why it is called stone village

you might notice that Pyone was not in smiling mood

and I am not in the photos in the stone village


taking this photo is a difficult task

I dare not use precious battery power for flash light

and used sunlight for illumination

but Pyone was uncooperative at first


a forced smile under sunlight which she refused to position under earlier


and a real smile of ako

who must have found the situation funny


no shadow to mar the face

under good sunlight

still a frown which P cannot hide


the bamboo bridge over which we crossed earlier


the beauty which one has to see


still no lunch after our photosession

maybe they are still plucking the feathers off the hen


I went for another photosession while they cooked noodles


still no noodles

P1170173 /4

beautiful, isn’t it?


after our lunch of 2 plates of noodles for 3

we were to return to the other side


but ako wanted to explore more

and went ahead with P while I was taking photos

I had to call out to them to wait

as I thought they had taken a wrong turn

but ako was not lost

just curious


we found more stones

and a group of children


and a group of teenagers


a rock on which was painted a tiger in a distance


quite far it is not seen in the photo

lost in the shadows

although one could see with the eye

P and ako went ahead

while as usual, I was left behind taking photos of the stone village


the Kyoe bridge across which we have to return


from the Kyoe bridge


part of the Kyoe bridge on the left


the bamboo bridge from the Kyoe bridge


they were waiting for me


more photos taken

the last photosession

the last view of the stone village chaung


we returned and reach the Bhamo border in no time


as we near Bhamo

we saw P standing on the road side with the motorcycle taximan looking at his motorcycle

we were told that it had run out of petrol

we were lucky to be in the outskirts of Bhamo

and a petrol shop nearby

otherwise there would be extra time lost

and difficulty to make it to the bus in time

there were banners of the SUT MANAU POI

and we learned that it was the KaukThitSarr Manau Poi

I do not know what other types of Manau Pois there are

but this one is early

whereas the usual Manau Pois are held in January


after market, we went back to the lodging on foot

at a road branch, I asked directions to confirm our way

and was told to take the road which is not the one I had expected

and got near the riverside

I thought we were on the wrong road

far from our lodge

but it was the correct one

maybe there is no difference whichever way we took


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