our Burmese calendar is 1 day in error


Here are my thoughts about our Burmese calendar which I have formed some time ago but confirmed by the recent eclipses of the moon and sun on 31-Dec and 15-Jan and written last night:

All, luckily, I had seen the solar eclipse this afternoon through a welder’s glass.

It has come to my attention for some time that our Burmese calendar is 1 day late. I had observed for some time that on the full moon day, the moon is not really full but it is really full only on the 1st waning day (La.Pyae. Kyaw Ta.YetNae.).

Our Burmese calendar is now based on formula. The formula had been formed by years of observation of the moon and now, more than 2500 years later, there is error of 1 day and it needs to be corrected.

This is confirmed by the recent lunar eclipse which occurred on the 1st waning day of PyarTho (LaHsoke Ta.Yet Nay.)  and this solar eclipse which occurs on the 1st waxing day of TaBo.Twe  (TaBo.Twe La.Hsan Ta.Yet Nay.).

The lunar and solar eclipses occur only when the sun, moon and earth are aligned in a straight line. Therefore lunar eclipses occur only when the moon is on the opposite side of the sun and the earth’s shadow falls on the moon, i.e. real full moon days / LaPyae. Nae. Similarly, the solar eclipses occur only when the moon is between the sun and the earth, i.e. real moonless days / LaKwe Nae.

The recent eclipses confirmed my doubts that our Burmese calendar is 1 day in error.

Another wrong date: the day of Buddha’s enlightenment


Today is the full moon day of TaBo.Twe and it has been 2 weeks since the solar eclipse on 15-Jan, which occurred on the 1st waxing day / La.Hsan Ta.Yet. of TaBo.Twe, a date which is 1 day in error as I had earlier wrote to you.

In the meantime, I heard a sermon (TaYarrNar) about Buddha’s enlightenment (from a disc) and came to know the wrong belief I had about the day. I had always thought that Buddha got enlightenment on the Full moon day (Kasone La.Pyae Nay.) of Kasone. But the SaYarDaw said that it was on the early morning of the next day (Nauk Ta.Nay. MoeThaukYan) the 1st waning day of KaHsone (KaHsone La.Pyae. Kyaw Ta.Yet. Nay.) that Buddha got enlightenment.

why is it that the day of Buddha’s enlightenment is celebrated 1 day in error?

Was the lunar calendar of India (Burmese calendar is derived from the Indian calendars) also in error of 1 day at the time of Buddha? That Buddha’s enlightenment was really on the actual full moon day, and that happens to be on the day after the calendar full moon day? (and thereby celebrated as if it occurred on the calendar full moon day of KaHsone)

If so, the calendar which was in use at the time of Buddha more than 2500 years BP (before present) would have been in use by formula many years earlier and very ancient as no more errors occurred in the last 2500 years. Is the Indian civilization a great many years over 5000 BP? Most likely 8000 – 10,000 years BP?

10,000 years BP, people were still hunter gatherers in the stone age, a contemporary civilization in Myanmar is the famous Padalin cave inhabitation.

Do people in India at the time have the knowledge to have observed the solar year and lunar months and calculate the lunar calendar nearly perfectly?

Chinese new year day

The year of the Tiger is coming and will be with us on the 14-Feb. We cannot escape noticing it if we read asian news. What I have noticed is that the new year day is on the 2nd waxing day (LaHsan Hnit Yet.) of TaBaung and this shows that the Chinese lunar calendar is correct with regards to the moon and sun orbits as it is one day behind the Burmese calendar which is one day in error.

The recent lunar and solar eclipses would have occurred on the full moon day and moonless days of the Chinese lunar calendar (I cannot check as I do not have access to a Chinese calendar)


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