journey to the north Day-2 Part-2 Myitkyina after sunrise

Earlier, I took photos at Myitkyina riverside near the Nanthidar on 25-Nov 2009, from predawn to after sunrise while P was preparing for the day

after she finished, we had a photo session and you will see more photos taken near the NanThiDar on the AyeYarWaddy, before we went off on Day-2 trip beginning with some shopping near the central market

dear all
after the photo session
we had breakfast at the Nanthidar

we were the only ones having breakfast there

others were up an about

but no one was eating there

although the room fees included bed and breakfast

maybe they prefer to have noodles (also Shan noodles, MeeShay) or other (E-Kyar Kyway, HsaMuHsar, PaukHsi) breakfast

rather than the toast and fried eggs or fried rice on the menu

the Nanthidar was built with tourists in mind

it has international time clocks, fax machines, standard light switch and music table that I had seen in Ramada hotel, internal phones in all rooms, wakeup call service, etc

but there were no tourists

and all occupants were Myanmars

its condition is a little run down with service and maintenance that has a lot to be improved

maybe that is why the tour companies have placed their clients in newer downtown hotels

although the situation of the Nanthidar is perfect

with riverside and sunrise views from most rooms

as most rooms (all in the main 2 storey building and the front line rooms of the separate LoneChinn 4 room buildings) face the river and east

the area has a riverside road (strand / KannNar Lann) where those who exercise at dawn and sunrise come every morning

including a group practicing HtaikeChi. with Chinese music



Nanthida Riverside Hotel

the place we stayed

suggested by aung ko oo who had seen this on his trips to Myitkyina

the TokeTokes (tricycles) that go between Waing Maw and Myitkyina pass in front of the Nanthida

we decided that a riverview would be great rather than staying in the middle of the town



a river front house with wheels in the front wall

there are 2 in Yangon some time back

the first one at the junction of NarNatTaw road and the Pyay road

the 2nd one at the corner of the Keighley and Upper Kemmendine road, the one Khin Thein lived, where I had been to several times when we rowed back in my 2nd M.B. days and the post Part II exam / pre house surgeon period

people say that the wheels (Hle Bein) are meant for easy identification by those who have not been there before, those who most probably have never been to Yangon to find it

and every Burmese know what Bein’s other usage is

the 1st one’s wheels in the wall was replaced with a new wall several years back before Nargis and I noticed that no one has been taking of the compound since before Nargis

it was only recently that Thida Thein Shwe told me at our dinner that the owner is in prison because of narcotics

I wonder whether the owner of the 2 big mansions in Yangon is the same one who owns this one




the twin mountains in the distance are called BaRaSiYar Taung

they are snow capped in the Cold season, as would be now (11-Feb-10)


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