youngsters and their lives: their desire should be respected by parents

I recently met ko than lwin in Myitkyina when I went there for a visit last November 2009

his wife was in Mogaung for a case hearing (she is a lawyer) and his sister was taking care of him and his house

his 2 daughters are in Singapore

and his son is now an A.S. in Myitkyina hospital, the first posting

he was sent to Sg to his sisters but had returned

and later applied for service without ko than lwin’s knowledge


youngsters should have their own ideas about their lives and try to implement them, regardless of their parents’ wishes

and parents should respect them

as both my sons do

I had advised aung ko oo against becoming a doctor

I wanted him to attend Singapore Polytechnics as his close friends were trying to

and where several children of friends of mine had attended, graduated from and were working (including Min Sein’s daughter)

but he had decided to become a doctor

when the Universities did not open for a long time, I advised him to apply for the Defence Services University of Medicine

he refused to and waited for about 3 years for the Universities to open

after completion, he had to wait for several years to get posting during which he could not practice as license (SaMa) was issued only on government service entry, either for life or for a 3 year stint (he guided medical students and taught at a private nurseaid training school)

his first posting was in Magway Hospital for 2 years during which he attended the ZeeBinGyee Institute for Government servants, a 1 month course about peritoneal dialysis at the Thingangyun Hospital, sent for a stint to the AyeYarWaddy delta for postNargis work (during which he reached MeinMaHla Kyun, etc), sent for a month to the  MiChaungYe station hospital

then transferred to ManTawn station hospital in Waing Maw township

but he got lucky

as he was selected for M. Med. Sc. Child Health course on his first attempt

and is now attending at the YCH since 25-Dec 2009

when my younger son, linn zaw win passed the grade 10, I also advised him to attend the Sg Polytechnics or the GTC, to become an engineer

he was not interested (ako encouraged him, saying of what use it would be_InJinNiYarPhyit Tawt BarLokeYaHmar Lae; they do not know the important role engineers play in society, living in their closed world)

lzw attended the University of Computer Sciences, Yangon (his marks was above the minimum cut off point of male Medicine entrees for that year)

got a Bachelor degree

attended Hons class but got debarred for the Honors exam due to attendance

when asked, said he was not interested in attending the Honors course and attended only because I wanted him to attend

applied for and got admitted to the Post Graduate Diploma course at the Institute of System Sciences, NUS, Singapore

got the best grading in the whole batch, getting a gold medal: The IBM Gold Medal & Prize is awarded to the best student in the Graduate Diploma in Systems Analysis course. (No award will be made unless there is a candidate of sufficient merit)

he has become a systems analyst and working in Singapore now and earning much more than I am

and saving as much as I do even with the high cost of living there

when I passed the 10th standard exams, my father asked me whether I would like to become a mathematician as my maths was good

a son of his colleague ko Min Oo (we were neighbours and I was friends with his younger brother Bo Shwe and we played together; I became classmates with the still younger sister Myat Mon Khine, one of the G4 of our class of 76; and the senior younger sister Ma Thazin, who attended the IM-II and who I met in RCH attending post grad studies) who was about 8 years my senior got whole of Burma First place in the 10th standard exams and recorded on the roll of hornour students list in the St. Paul’s High School office for all to see

he attended maths

became a demonstrator

got M. Sc. in RASU

and was attending Ph. D. in West Germany at the time

but I was not interested in attending maths although I was good in it

what I wanted to do is to go to sea

and become a sailor

not a deckhand of course

to become a deck officer and ultimately a Captain

because I have seen pilots of Rangoon Board of Ports

joined the YayKyaung LuNge because I wanted to row

and then exposed to naval life through the courses there

read nautical novels

went on the summer training in 1967 by the YayKyaung LuNge; first preselection training, got selected, attended the HseikKyi naval academy camp (saw a group of Mercantile Marine cadets there) and then on the trip to the Coco Kyun and MaLi. Kyun on the b.n. MayYu

but it was in 1969 that I passed the 10th Standard

and although Bo Shwe was attending the Maritime Marine Training school at the time

I had no means to attend it (the entrance exam was closely guarded and the news about it kept secret)

besides, I have an inborn genetic defect that prevented me from becoming a sailor (and I had known of it since grade 9)

so I attended Medicine as nearly all those who got good marks did at the time

even then, only after consulting Col. Min Sein, physician (father of Sayar U Thein Htut, physician, and husband of the famous OG Daw Yin May gyee) whether I can, with my defect, work as a doctor

he reassured me and so I became a doctor

but this defect and other factors prevented me from attaining further studies

if I had not attended medicine, I would not have met any of you friends as I would be going around in a different circle and also would not have met Pyone and have these 2 sons

life is a series of coincidences

chance occurences

although we are what we made ourselves to be

Kan – KanEi. AhKyoe

Kan means work: we reap what we sow; we are what we did and we will be what we do

Kan also means luck or destiny (maybe my choice of words is not correct as I am not really satisfied by these 2 words): what will be, will be [Que, Sara, Sara]; it is up to something we do not control and that we cannot change destiny

my father was from Gyobinkauk, a town on the Yangon Pyay railways and highway

he attended St. Paul’s High School as a border

saw railways engineers working

his elder brother also attended the St. Paul’s High School ahead of him

then took maths and went on to attend the engineering school to become a B. Sc. Engg (Civil)

my father followed his footpath

and they both worked in the railways

but my father found out that being an engineer is not what he hoped for

and discouraged us from becoming engineers

this might also be a factor in my not becoming an engineer

as several friends who got high marks but preferred RIT to Medicine did

I have seen friends and others who do not want to be doctors

yet attended Medicine because their parents forced them to attend it

some dropped out of medicine

others do not practice medicine, but do other jobs after they graduated

some became writers

some newsmen

one I knew of personally became a tourist guide

many became businessmen

my father wanted me to become a mathematician

I became a doctor

I wanted my sons to attend polytechnic and continue their studies through engineering

one became a doctor

while the other became a systems analyst

there is no problem between my father and me, and me and my sons regarding our profession

we gave advice only, and leave them a free choice

I wish to repeat: youngsters want to live their lives and their desire should be respected by parents


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One Response to “youngsters and their lives: their desire should be respected by parents”

  1. MMS Says:

    I support your attitude.
    And from my heart to another parent, who is a gentleman of our class of 76, let us not use the word”Black sheep’ especially in FB where sheeps can read. Shesp’s friends can read it too. Black or white ,they are our sheeps. Each has it’s own value. I am glad you cherish your little big [sheeps]gentlemen .

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