the urge to write: the makings of a writer

Nyi Win


I have always wondered about writers when I read that one must have the urge to write to become a writer, not just the desire to be a writer

one must continue to write even if none of the works see print

it would seems strange and unbelievable, if, even about 6 months ago, if someone had told me that I would write one day

as I did not have that urge

but now I have the urge to write

it is too soon to say that I am a writer

I write in Maung Thar Ra’s method

write as I would have spoken

simpler, easy

no need to complete the sentences

or to use capital words

as I am used to since I tried chatting some time ago

now I have given that up

even use gmail by being invisible

yes, now, I have the urge to write

and the means to see them on print

in Word

I am liberated

liberated in the sense that there are no editor obstacles to surpass

those who hold the door and can make or break a would be writer

I can write anything I want in my pc and e-mail to friends and acquaintances whether they want to read or not

and post my threads on my blog whether there is anyone to view them or not

I have access to pc in clinic here and can write anytime I am free and awake even during the night (it was 02:45 and I was about to go to sleep when I suddenly got this ides to write this topic)

a pc with Word is better than writing on paper

easy to correct and edit

I once read about word processors

during the pre-pc times

it was ex-president Carter who began his memoirs when he retired

on a word processor

I wonder what it was

it was during pre-desktop time

now, laptops, notebooks are everywhere

even handphones have functions that come close to computers

the only problem is the keyboard

or a touchscreen

which is not easy to manipulate

as we have standard hands and fingers

and the keyboard of a laptop is not as good as a standard keyboard to use

with miniaturization from technology advancement

2 GB data can be stored in a small space

and I read about paper thin batteries / super capacitors now invented that will make present dry cells obsolete soon

an e-friend wrote to me yesterday: could you perhaps have a condition called “racing mind”?

yes, I think so

I have several friends and classmates

who have worse attention flight

they talk nearly all the time

from one topic to another

sometimes going off tangentially

never staying in one topic even for a short time

talking with them is sometimes a burden

as they do not seem to be interested in what I was talking about

maybe you are not interested in what I am writing about too



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