the zee pin tann of north Mann oil field and the zee thees

The zee-pins on the bund

grass flower near the zee pin tann (zee tree row)

I enjoy eating zee thees / plums

and enjoy picking them up myself

usually I go to the AukKyaung camp several times a year on pretext of duty and shook the zee tree branches to make the near ripe ones fall on the ground and pick them up and eat them at leisure on the way back (without washing) and back in clinic (after washing)

this year, I had the opportunity to visit the zee pin tann in the far north of Mann oil field again, west of the rice mill

when P-100 was operating there on well after well for about 6 months during a dry season and I had to go there frequently on safety rounds and the zee these were ripe during that time

I had the chance to pick and eat them and the opportunity to become friendly with the owner who stayed in the farmhut to gurard the zee trees

she said that several tinns of zee thees were collected  each day, dried and sold to the brokers in Minbu

during my last rotation here, in December 2009, I got near there several times but got to the zee trees only once. the zee thees were only just about to ripe

the owners were not at their farm so I picked up the few that had fallen on the ground from the tree I know to be the best and from the next best tree too

several children came along and picked the zee thees too and they went off on their way

this time, I’ve already had 2 opportunities to get there

the first time, I did not have my camera along and could not take photos

I met a farm hut near the end of the zee pin tann

saw not one but heard a girl memorizing an English lesson

I asked her permission to pick up some zee these

but the best zee tree’s fruits were all picked up

and I picked from the next best trees nearby

when I got back near the farm hut and asked the girl about the owner, she told me her grandmother was at the north beyond the zee trees

I went over and talked with her

she had seen me picking earlier and I had seen her too but did not think she was the proprietor

she did not remember me of course, so I introduced myself

she came along to the hut and gave me several handfuls of zee thees from the best tree

the very next day, I had an unexpected chance of being there again

there was a seismic recording around there and went there on safety work

first, I went beyond the rice mill to observe the actual shooting done by the field shooters

at the time I got near the stream, the YayPu chaung, opposite the zee pin tann

I mentioned about the zee thees to one of the seismic crew and he said that the wate is breast deep

one cannot go easily over except over the bridge

afterwards, I went to the recording truck on the other side of the YayPu chaung and witnessed the shooting and recording process

after finishing my work, I went to the zee pin tann which is nearby

together with U Maung Maung who is our company man for the seismic recording

U Ba Kyi, our HSE company man did not accompany us

maybe he does not like zee thees or maybe he has work to do and no time to spare

when we got there, there was no one around the farm hut to ask permission

only several containers of picked zee thees

there were no zee thees beneath the best zee tree again

so I went over to the next best tree and other trees too

when I returned to the farm hut, U Maung Maung was not there

I thought he had returned to the seismic recording truck as he did not seem to be interested in picking up the zee thees

but I saw him when I went down to take a photo of the farm hut

he was with the owner lady who was collecting the cho-chin zee thees

I went over and talked to her

took the photograph of her sitting

she asked me what zee thees I had

and offered me the best ones from her collections near the farm hut

gave me many handfuls until I had to stop her

I took another photo of her standing near her hut

and on our return, I mentiond to U MM about the SayThaNar of our Myanmar people, which is more in evidence in the villages, but getting rare in the towns and cities, people getting more cosmopolitan, and selfish

I told him about an episode told me by a MOGE secondee geologist U Shin Kyi during our PHP-P Myanmar Field party the summer of 1971

when they came out of one Bago Yoma field trip, the vehicle that was to collect them did not reach the village where they were to meet

they rested at a hut and the owner took all there is to eat, fries (ah.kyaws and tea)

after they had eaten (they did not have lunch at that late time as there was no time to prepare and they had expected the car to be on standby so that they could eat at a good shop) U SK told the expatriate geologist that what they had eaten had been given to them unsolicited and not bought

the Australian geologist was amazed that such poor people share what they have to strangers

it is a very good Myanmar trait, one that is in our veins and instinctive behavior, but is getting lost with development in the cosmopolitan atmosphere


the zee pin tann (row of zee trees)

west of the rice mill at the far north of the Mann oil field is a farm with zee trees, a row and several trees, among other crops owned by Daw Thein Ngwe of Kywe Kya. village aka Gwa. village


Daw Thein Ngwe of Kywe Kya. village with the zee thees she collected

during the zee thee season, Daw Thein Ngwe stays at her farm hut and collects the fallen zee thees / plums


the zee thees / plums

IMG_1810 r

the fallen zee thees / plums


the view from the east of the zee pin row


the zee-pins on the bund with the farm hut

IMG_1814 r

the children who came along


they went off on their way after a while


Daw Than Ngwe, in front of her farm hut and the zee thees

Daw Than Ngwe, owner of the land around the zee pins, seen in front of her farm hut and the zee thees she collects everyday

20100208 006 r

the zee trees seen from the opposite bank of Yay Pu chaung

20100208 010 r

the Yay Pu Chaung

20100208 012 r

the zee trees and the LetPan pin blooming

it is the season of the zee thees and the LetPan Pwint pwint chain

I remember the song: LetPan Pwint Kauk Ah.Yauk Lar Khe. Mae

20100208 013 r

grass flowers near the zee pin tann (zee tree row)



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