Food for thought: Hellhound at large

Pyone and Dido 22 Nov 2006

One weekend in March 2010, we went to the Village of the National Races for the 2nd time

The first was about 2 years ago on our return from the orphanage at a monastery just beyond the KyaikKhauk pagoda at the road junction

We took along Dido as usual, and left Ah. Te.. at home

Dido is our first dog, i.e. the first dog we had

It was brought home by our younger son linn zaw win, given to him as a birthday present by his friend

They were Shizu-Terrier, 2 puppies just weaned, a white female lzw named Dido (although I had suggested Phyu Toke), and a black-white male

Dido fell ill a few days after it got home and recovered. The male pup fell ill as Dido recovered, but did not make it, so Dido was brought up alone

Although I did not want it inside our home, Pyone took it inside because she was worried it might bitten by mosquitoes during the night so she became a house dog and part of our family

It likes to sleep with ako at first, but when he went to Magway, it slept with lzw

When he went away, it slept with us

She was taken along whenever possible when we go out so she was with us when we went to the village of the national races that day, but Ah. Te was left behind

Ah. Te is our 2nd dog, the male sibling of Dido having died soon after it arrived did not mean much to us. I bought Ah. Te to get protection in our compound as Dido can only warn us whenever someone or some dogs come near. I saw 2 cute puppies in front of the FMI one day in January; an Inn Khway and a black Sitt Khway, both females, but I did not have cash to buy them on the spot. I wanted protection against stray dogs entering our compound and discussed with P about buying them. P was against having another dog.

We went to downtown one day and P saw the puppies and became enthusiastic so I took the opportunity to buy a pup. This time, there were 2 cute male pups, a black one and a brown and white one, both Sitt Khways. The brown and white one was bigger and looks fine and we took it home. Dido is not friendly with any dog and barks at all others so I tried a just weaned pup, hoping it will be accepted. After about half an hour, Dido accepted it.

When we chose the name for the pup, we considered and discarded Pluto and Goofy. Then, I suggested Maung Maung Lay. AKO suggested Ti. Ti., a Chinese pronoun for a younger brother. I informed them that although “Ti.Ti.” is the proper pronoun, younger brothers are called “Ah. Te” in day to day usage, so we will call it Ti.Ti. @ Ah. Te.. and the name Ah.Te became its name. But later we also call it “Shoke Pyway..” because of its behavior. We also call it “Sitt Khway” and I also call it “Ein Saunt Khway” as it was taken in to guard our house in the compound, even when we all are away.

At the time of getting Ah. Te, I made the rule not to have it inside our house and not to take it in our car, unless to take it to the vet, as it will grow to be a large dog and will not be good to take it along while young, as it will want to come along later too. So our second dog became a second class dog, but it cannot be helped. A dog is a dog, but it will not have Dido’s rights which she earned by being her breed and herself.

Ah. Te has a habit to teasing others, Dido, us, stray dogs, by biting, and also wants to enter our house and try to get inside whenever it has an chance. So our Ah. Te.. / Shoke Pyway… / Sitt Khway… / Ein Saunt Khway… cannot be left alone, and has to be looked after carefully and with strictness so that it will not tease Dido too much or get into our house and make it its home.

Now, at the age of 4 months, Ah. Te’s height equals Dido who is fully grown and is 4 years old. Dido lives inside our house, while Ah. Te stays outside, free to roam about, going out of our compound at times, visiting the stray dogs and playing with them.


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