Point to Ponder: The coming of ThaGyarrMinn during Thingyan


Thingyan is commencing Wednesday (14-Apr-10).
Tomorrow will be AhKyo Nae. and the festivities will begin, but in some places Thingyan has been celebrated during the weekend.
Our new year 1372 will begin 17-Apr.
Although our lunar month is in error with the actual phase of the moon by one day, our new year, calculated by to the movement of the planets, i.e. according to the movement of the sunday planet / ta-nin-ga-nway ghyo, is correct, always falling on either 17-Apr or 18-Apr, with the Ah-Kyo Nae. always falling on the 13-Apr

It is said that the ThaGyarrMin comes to earth every Thingyan to take census of the people and bad people are noted down by MarTaLi.

Sayardaw U ThuMinGaLa. preached that people are going after the wrong beliefs. It is said that a day in the life of the NatPyay of ThaGyarrMin is equivalent to 100 years on earth, and U TMN queried whether it is possible for ThaGyarrMin to come to earth a 100 times during his 1 day. It is a point to consider.

Dear Dr.,
I am so yong my grandfather told me,Thingyan ThaGyarrMin will
arriveand He record bad human on dog skin,clever human record on
golden sheet.He will choice who are send to hell or NatPyae.You
belive it.

it is not for me to say whether I believe it or not
as these sayings are said by the great
and are beyond my capacity to comment
so I am going to be “Hnar Sayy Nay Mae…”

there are many things which we have to take for granted
if it is said or proved by someone we trust and believe
as in science
and arts
religion too

BUT there are always doubters
whose doubts are reasonable
even if one is accused of being a DeikHti.
I myself cannot blindly accept all that is said in the name of Buddha
as the 1st ThanGar Ya.Narr Tin / Buddhist convention was only done a hundred years after Buddha passed away
when there are already differing versions of His Teachings
and division of Buddhist sects already occured
who am I to say who is correct?
even those who can read Pali can only say what is written in the original Pali
no one knows what Buddha preached exactly

here is another point of view to my original mail:

LOL…..  That’s a good point….Yet, it’s hard to accept the statement saying “a day in the life of the NatPyay is equivalent to 100 years on earth” because I have a feeling that Buddhist cosmology is somehow exaggerated by the people who noted down the words of Buddha or the people who passed the knowledge altogether with word of mouth.

12 Apr 10

it is already too late
for many whose offices have already closed for today (as today is Public holiday)
but not so for those who have net access at home and at cafes
my wish is in time even if some of you cannot read it in time
as Thingyan will commence only on 14-Apr
and new year on 17-Apr

HAPPY THINGYAN / SONGKRAN and New Year 1372 to all of you and your families
may the ThaGyarrMin find you pious and worthy of being recorded on the ShwePaRaBeik
in his 100 times a day descent to earth
to make sure people are behaving properly

real Thingyan comes only on ThinGyan AhKya. Nae.
14-Apr every year
but people begin water festival on the AhKyo Nae., the 13-Apr
and even earlier on the last office days
and last school days


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