Point to Ponder: things are not what they seem to be

A friend wrote to me after reading my “Food for thought: Hellhound at large”: “you have 2 cute puppies: pictures showing Ah te seems to be less fortunate and tied up. Dido is luckier and looks happy to be privileged

Ah. Te was tied up because Pyone did not want it to go outside and play with the stray dogs and eat at the rubbish heap nearby as it does, even though we release it only after feeding it to full
I told P that a dog is a dog and will eat whatever it likes and play with whoever it is friendly with,
and to let him go free
now, she accepts it and Ah. Te is let loose most of the time
the photos were taken about a month ago, when Ah. Te was just 3 months age

Now, it is already 4 months and bigger, and free

Dido is more privileged and let inside our home and let to sleep in ako’s bed, but as it cannot win in playing with Ah. Te and as Ah. Te plays by nibbling on other dogs, including Dido and also with the stray dogs in the neighborhood, Dido, which now cannot overcome him, cannot go outside without us accompanying and protecting her.
Although Dido is privileged is let inside our house, she is in reality, in prison inside, while Ah. Te lives a free life outside.

life is strange
and sometimes things are not what they seems
rich people not being happy like poor carefree people
living in fear of ruin, having marital and business problems
MaShi. Taunt.Ta.    Shi. Kyaunt.Kya.
and richness being a mirage
pulling rich people inside the conundrum of ThanTaYar
with LawBa.
there is also a saying: Hsinn Yae Dae. Dan Go Khan Naing Jya. Dae….

Chann thar dae. Dan Go MaKhan naing Jya. Buu…..
of course the poor are not happy all the time
as they find difficulties of living from their poverty
but at least they have moments of happiness in their simple lives

An Australian co-worker once told me: you people are happy and are contented even when poor. Back home, people look at neighbors and compare their lives. When one buys a new car, we feel we need to buy too and feel frustrated when we cannot.

I have several friends who were ambitious and not contented with their lives here. They went abroad, became successful, and yet are not satisfied with their lives over there, while I feel fine with my life.

There is also the true story of 2 great monks

One was TaungPhiLar SayarDaw, Minn Sayar, and resided in the Naypyitaw, Ava or Amapura, I cannot exactly remember. The other resided at PaKhanGyi….

One day, TaungPhiLar SayarDaw went to ShweSetTaw on pilgrimage and visited the other SayarDaw near PaKhanGyi..

TaungPhiLar SayarDaw asked the other Sayardaw: AhShin PhaYarr….. Taw Hte Hmar Nay Dar Ma. Kyauk Buu Larr….

to which the reply was: Kyauk Lo. Taw Hte Hmar Nay Dar Par…..

TaungPhiLar SayarDaw went away, having learnt a lesson

The duties, richness and privileges of being a Minn Sayar kept him from following Buddha’s path to Nirvana, and his satisfaction of life as a Minn Sayar (TaHnar) bound him in the ThanTaYar WutHsinnYae conundrum.

My memory is not really good and the actual name of the Minn Sayardaw and the town of the other Sayardaw might be in error, but the basic facts are correct.

To take a further step in reasoning, what we see in life is not what they seem to be:

We see humans, friends, relatives, animals, trees, plants, flowers, food, buildings, utilities, etc.

But they are not what they seems to be

All in life are only of Matter and Mind

There is no such thing in reality as U Ba, Daw Hla, me, you, etc. Even then what we see are always changing, so that what we just saw do not exist anymore.


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