Current Trends in Myanmar Clothes Style and my wandering mind

A friend who recently returned from abroad wrote to me:

I notice some Myanmar women are wearing very shots shots on street and not many are weaing Hta Main. many wear Kora skirts and some Skirt Longyi. The dress code is changing. Too bad.

Times are changing and in Yangon, many are not wearing traditional longyis nowadays
the young (maybe up to 25-30) do not even know how to as they wear skirt-HtaMein school uniforms and not even it outside school, preferring skirts or pants, both long and short. This year, there are really short shorts and skirts worn on the street, girls taking advantage of the extremely hot weather. (A son of a friend who recently returned from a short visit to Shanghai told his mother that he saw plenty of girls’ white thighs over there; they are also seen here too, most white while many not so white thighs and of course calves too). We are nearly abreast with the world in terms of fashion, if not in development.
Many ladies who did wear longyi, in the over 40 age bracket, are not wearing longyis at home, preferring gowns, and some even go around with it, like those in the Africas.

Males of the young set also do not wear longyi too except to school (luckily, they have to wear longyi the traditional way; I wonder when the time will come when boys begin wearing clip on skirt-longyi / PaHsoes with ready-made KhaBoneSa!!! I hope I do not live to see that day; better wear shorts and pants than that)

We are going the way Japan, S Korea, HK, Taiwan, other Asian countries and China regarding dress codes. It is the way life is. I remember reading that Japanese were forced to wear Western style clothes by order of the Emperor when they came out of the closed door policy through the effort of the American naval Captain.
Also that the male Chinese ordered to cut off their long hair by decree of the Emperor in their “jump” / leap towards modernization.

Although I wear uniform trousers here in Mann oil field where it is dry, I cannot bear the humidity of Yangon in trousers. Longyis are the best for Yangon, unless one lives in at least 23 hour a day or more air-con environment.

Regarding the recent controversy over model Honey Oo / Hazel Moe, I do not believe that Myanmar are different from other people. Those who think that Myanmars should act differently do not have an open mind. I understand someone who do not like such fashion for everyone, but if one insists that Myanmar girls should act differently, it is unrealistic. What do Myanmars have to be different? Are we not the same humans homo sapiens as others? Bikinis are also the rage even in Myanmar, so a model wearing it in UK is not a wonder or something to discuss or look down upon.

I must say that the current males are lucky to be able to see these fashions, but whether they are lucky in other aspects of Life Style, I cannot say for sure. Some knives have 2 edges and cut both ways.

When I remarked about 20 years ago that Myanmars, especially males abroad usually arrange for marriages from home, P’s father remarked: they have dating there so one cannot get “ပါကင္ပိတ္” brides.
The life style here also was getting ahead in the last 20 years and so ……

A friend of mine joked: it is better to have a daughter than a son because if you have a daughter you are sure to get your actual grandchild whereas with a son …….


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2 Responses to “Current Trends in Myanmar Clothes Style and my wandering mind”

  1. myotheingi Says:

    I love yours ideas. Why didn’t you continue and stop at your friend’s joke?

  2. nyiwin Says:

    My friend’s joke is that with the current life style in Myanmar, one cannot be sure that the child of your son is actually his, but one can be sure that the child of your daughter is certain to be your grandchild.
    However, my nephew pointed out that this assumes that your daughter is actually yours in the first place. This beats me! He thought of a point I had not considered before

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