Food for thought: getting to Nat Pyay / Heaven

Food for thought: getting to Nat Pyay နတ္ျပည္ / Heaven

Many religions and cultures have their own version of a good place after death and Christians call it Heaven. Myanmar culture which was influenced by Indian culture has Nat Pyay နတ္ျပည္ which would be similar to Heaven, although even that celestial place has several tiers unlike that of Christians which I understand consist of a single entity with a no return entrance: you either get to heaven or hell after death and that is the end of it.

But for Buddhists and Hindus, we all go through an endless cycle of births and deaths in the 31 levels of existence, the only difference being the concept of Nirvana in Buddhism where one escapes the conundrum of the vicious cycles. As I understand it, Nirvana is not another place we get to, but a refuge from existence. Although it seems to be the best place for one to be (although it is not a place of existence), many will not get there while many do not want to go to Nirvana yet, being happy with ones life and wanting to repeat human existence (Nauk BaWa Hmar YaySet Hsone ChinDae ေနာက္ဘဝမွာ ေရစက္ဆုံခ်င္တယ္) or better still, to get to the much revered Nat Pyay နတ္ျပည္ / Heaven.

Although Nat Pyay နတ္ျပည္ / Heaven is an abode for Nats နတ္, many with supernatural powers get there: Buddha, Sun Wu Kong among others. The normal way to get there is to do good deeds in life and one is rewarded by getting there in the next reincarnation. However, it is a sort of the reverse of Blessing in disguise (I cannot think of the proper expression) as there are so many things there to enjoy that one falls into the wrong path of enjoyment and desire / TaHnar တဏွာ so that one loose sight of Nirvana. One of the rewards of getting to Nat Pyay is the availability of 500 female Nats နတ္သမီး on either side of one; that is getting 1000 wives.

MaiDaw MarYar မယ္ေတာ္မာယာ became a male Nat နတ္သား and anyone can also become Nat of either sex. So what is the chance of one become a female Nat နတ္သမီး instead of a male one နတ္သား? 1000:1?

Do a female Nats နတ္သမီး have to be just one of a thousand wives ၾကင္ယာေတာ္ of a male Nat နတ္သား?

What rewards does a female Nat နတ္သမီး have?

I remember a joke told by a friend ko Ye Swe ရဲေဆြ (Yay Swae ေရဆြဲ / one who swabbed for water):

There once (Ho.. Shay..Shay…ToneGa ဟိုးေရွးေရွးတုန္းက) was a man and wife who did all the good deeds throughout their lives. After death, the husband became a Nat and had a good life with 500 NatThaMees on either side of him. It was only after a long time that the Nat remembered his previous existence and he looked for his former wife. He found her in NatPyay, having followed him there as they had done the good deeds together. The Nat went to her and asked how she has been doing in Nat Pyay. She told him that she also has 500 Nats on either side of her and she has been enjoying very much, so that she does not even have time to piss / ShuShuu PaukChain Taung MaYa Buu ႐ႉ႐ႉးေပါက္ခ်ိန္ေတာင္ မရဘူး

Response from KS


Looks like there is a BIG difference between NATS. A male who can
enjoy 1,000 female NATS and one who has to wait for his turn serving
(is that correct?) a female NAT. And the reverse for the female NATS!!

Has the Nat Pyay changed with the times? Kareokes, massage parlours,
beer pubs, model shows, online gambling….?

I think a lot of people will choose human abode to Nat Pyay if there
is only ONE recreation (or procreation) above(??). Now that it is
mentioned, do NATS just appear as adults or have to give birth?
Anything mentioned on that subject anywhere?

I overheard a taped sermon 2 days ago during my morning walk. The
preacher (maybe a layman, maybe a monk) was describing the Nat Pyay.
He mentioned about Nats fighting for “Beik Mann” and “Nat Thote Dar”.
Does not sound good to be there.

If they had to fight for those, there will be homeless Nats and starving Nats.


My continuation

the heavenly abode Nat Pyay နတ္ျပည္ has never been an ideal place

at the onset of the rainy season every year, the AhThuYars အသူရာ and the Nats နတ္သား headed by the King of Heaven / ThaKyarrMin သိၾကားမင္း wage a war

a war between father in law and son in law

because while the AhThuYar အသူရာ king was drunk, the King of Heaven / ThaKyarrMin သိၾကားမင္း took over his abode

and the AhThuYar အသူရာ, in his drunkness did not notice it until he found out that the place does not flower KaThit ကသစ္, but only ThaKhut သခြတ္

such is the nature of the Nats and their King ThaKyarrMin သိၾကားမင္း

their greed, passion, love, wars….

not much different from those of other abodes တျခားဘံု

do you know that animals also have love and hatred in addition to anger, happiness?

we humans have 99% common DNA with mice

and would have a much closer match with monkeys

that is why it is said that the best place is to reincarnate as humans

although I even doubt that 


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2 Responses to “Food for thought: getting to Nat Pyay / Heaven”

  1. kmh Says:

    I am not interested in Nay Pyay or heaven.
    Also I don’t want to go there or other better places after death.
    I just want to die in smile.

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