a trip to Sriksetra again

I have always been fascinated by the Pyu and had visited sriksetra the first time when I was young while going along on my father’s work trip to Prome. He took us to HmawSar and we visited an old building that served as a storage / museum for artifacts found there that has not been sent to the National museum
Later, I got to Beikthanoe when I was on a field trip to ShweSettaw by geologists while I was working for the BHPP-Petroleum in 1992
When we went on vacation to ShweSetTaw, KyaungDawYar, Bagan, Popa, Pyay on 2003, we dropped in at Beikthanoe on the way out and Sriksetra on the way back while making a night stop at Pyay
Last November 2009, I got to Tagaung when I travelled to Myitkyina to visit the MyitHsone before it becomes inundated and while ako was still posted at Waing Maw.
On 18-Jul 2010, I got to SriKsetra again on my way to the AhKaukTaung in KyanKhinn township near HtoneBo.


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