history is my hobby
I am more interested in pre-history
from the evolution into homo sapiens and the out of Africa human migration to all over the world

to the Myanmar prehistory

it begins with the Stone age Badalin cave and other findings of stone age tools

recent findings of the Bronze age and early Iron age cultures in Chindwin and Samon valleys add more to our knowledge
but there is paucity of evidence in pre-history
and some early history is regarded as myths by historians
historians are scientists nowadays

and history is a science subject unlike arts during my school days

the same with the geographers which use scientific methods to collect data and interpret, present them

look at the meteorologists

and the archeologists using the state of art investigative tools: x-ray, sonar, etc.

what lies inside the burial chamber of Emperor Shi Hwang Ti is known to some extent before opening it
they do not accept unsupported facts
so many in our Yarzawin, including AbiYarzar, DazaYarzar, PyuSawHtee are not accepted as facts yet
not to mention king Pauk Kyaing, Tint Tae the ‘smith, MahaThambawa, SulaThambawa, etc.
Even Duddabaung and the PanHtwar are not classified as facts yet
much needs to be done in our history
it is the archeologists work to find historical facts

and historians to interpret them from their desks

I’d rather be with Indiana Jones on his quest for the the Holy Grail and the Ark of the Covenant (it is said to be in Ethopia, closely guarded by the Knights; black Ethopians of course, not the white Knights of Templars)

rather than with Lara Croft (too much adventure)

but more likely to be a couch potatoe and surf the web or read the few books available (I hate exercise)

Prof Maung Maung Nyo commented on your note “History”.
Maung wrote: “History, legends and folklore are interwined.Today legends become history when supporting facts are found. Helen of Troy was thought to be a legend, but Troy was found and it’s now accepted as history.

Look at Tagung and Pagan. Tagaung was thought to be a legend, no more than an Burmese outpost in the Anawrahta era. Now its existence as a Pyu city of not later than 1st century AD has lent support to it of being a major historical site. So also with Pagan. Luce did not believe it was established with 19 Pyu villages, now its existence from the Pyu time with 19 villages have been confirmed.

Sometimes, amateur historians and people should take interest in local or national history and talk so that professional historians and archaelogists can work on it. Physicist U San Tha Aung studied the Arakanese coins and he had contributed much to the Arakanese history.

Professor G.H. Luce hypothesized that Nagathaman was the grandson of deposed Mon king Manuha and he was married to Shwe Ein Thi, daughter of King Kyanzittha to forge Mon-Bamar solidity and their son Alaungsithu was given kingship overpassing Zeya Khittara. Many pro-Mon Burmese historians followed Luce and it was written in Swesone Kyan. Even Thein Pe Myint supported it for national solidity. Now it has been discarded as evidence was proved wrong.

So, your hobby and work is invaluable. Carry on! “


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