My life: my various jobs

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Since from getting my license, I have been practising but I have held many jobs and here is my career history in my CV, the earliest one at the bottom:

1999 Oct-Present Doctor / Safety, Myanmar Petroleum Resources Limited, Mann Oil Field.

1998 Apr-1999 Oct Doctor / Safety, Baker Hughes Solutions, Mann Oil Field.

1997 Aug-98 Apr Rig Doctor / Medic, Marine Drilling Company,

Yadana Gas Field (offshore), TOTAL.

1996 Oct-97 May       Ship’s Doctor, ms Road to Mandalay (Cruise Ship),Myanmar Hotels & Cruises Ltd.

1995-1996 Medical Officer (Resident),Bahosi Medical Center (Hospital), Yangon.

1994-1995 Camp Doctor, Kayah Phoo Enterprises (Timber Extraction Company)

1993-1994 Camp Doctor, Kokang Aung Than Lwin Company (Jade Mining)

1992 Rig Doctor / Medic, Deutag Friesland Drilling B. V.,Ley Myet Hna Well I, Croft Petroleum.

1990-1991 Field Doctor, BHP-Petroleum.

_Geology Field Party

_Access road construction camp (Pacific American Engineering)

_Kawliya I well site (Parker Drilling Company)

1979-1990 General Practitioner, Yangon.

Demonstrator, Department of Physiology, Institute of Medicine I, Yangon.

1978 Medical Officer, Myaungmya Jute Mill Construction Project.

At the time I got Sama / licence to practice, I had to wait for 3 years to be employed by the Health Department. I had to wait to apply for AS and then wait some time for the written PPSC entrance examination, then wait till called for viva voce. In the meantime, I first worked at the Myaungmya Jute Mill Construction Project. I got the job through my friend Khin Zaw, now Col., Orthopaedic surgeon, whose father was a big shot in the Construction Department and an acquiantance of my father. There were several projects and I was sent to Myaungmya Jute Mill Construction, and it is just as well because the ACE there is my cousin ma ma Kyi’s husand. Both of them were very good to me and I lived at their house in Myaungmya, going to the site on mornings and returning in the evenings on bicycle.

Afterwards, I practiced in Yangon while waiting for my posting. I got married in the meantime and as I had post graduate ambitions and as we did not want to be separated at different postings, Pyone did not apply for government service. However, since 1991, I have been away from home frequently on my different jobs for the past 20 years, sometimes for over 6 months on a stretch with no contact except for the letters we wrote to each other. We had piles of letters of those times which were the most difficult times of my life.

NW Luyechun camp MO 1982 01

while I was demonstrator of Pharmacology Department, I was sent as M.O. with the 1982 Luyechuns to the Shwe War Chaing Luyechun Camp

it was a very good experience for me although I had been nearby at the Strand Sandoway next door when I was about 12 years age with my parents

my classmate and friend Hnin Hsi Kyin was also there as female M.O. (maybe the authorities feel that a female doctor is essential for the modesty of girl Luyechuns)

one day we went on a walk along the beach to Gyeiktaw on a marine biology excursion

although only those near the marine biology lecturer see and hear anything about the marine life found on the beach, it was good exercise for everyone

the food at the Shwe War Chaing Luyechun Camp was very good with large chunks of beef and chicken, thanks to the efforts of the Deputy Camp Commander, the Head of the Pyay TTC who brought his chef with him


The Mermaid at Ngapali 1982

while I was at the Shwe War Chaing Luyechun Camp, I got the opportunity to visit the Mermaid at Ngapali

a teacher from the Kyauktaw Agriculture School arranged with is friend to visit this statue in the security area

there was a group photo with all others including Hnin Hsi Kyin, but I cannot find it anymore


Zeya 60, Phaunggyi, SRP, 1983

I was in the Mandarli platoon of the Zeya 60

it means not a duck nor a chicken ဘဲမဟုတ္ ၾကက္မဟုတ္

we attended with the women’s platoon of Zeya 60

at the rear of them

with orders not to make any contact with them

of course it is easily broken

but I was not one of them

I saw to my amusement several I knew

Rosie Lou, younger sister of my friend and rowing mate Victor Khin Thein

my friend Nellie’s younger sister

and their friends

there must be about 15 female doctors

Rosie knew me from our rowing days, but she did not give any indication she saw or recognized me

and I did the same

Nellie’s sister did not know me of course

one of them who was noticable later was transferred to my Department of Physiology; Cho Cho Yu Mon

the KaTha ကသ 60 was a tall stout one and we named her: ChaukHse ka chauk-hse

although the morning exercises, parade and physical duties were harsh, it was good for our health

the food was not so bad (maybe I am not choosy and can eat however poor the curry is; even our BC, who secretly brings in curry complimented near the end of our course on my ability to eat what was offered, even the boiled duck egg curry on Sunday dinner)

it is my childhood training by my parents and my attitude not to break rules unless it is absolutely necessary

there was only 1 other doctor in my platoon

Maung Maung Aung, of the ’78 batch

his elder sister Win Win Aung was my classmate but I have never talked to her

another is ko Nyunt Aung, then AE of MOGE, Myanaung oil field is now here in Mann oil field as STE Senior Transport Engineer

he was together with my aquaintance ko Than Htut (Linn Hsay-tit) at the LeyTaung test well in KyaukPhyu

there, they came across the local “Pwe Phauk” festival

this photo was taken during our SRP short range patrol

LRPs were no longer done anymore at the time


Physiology class IM-1 1983

I was a demonstrator in the Physiology Department IM-1 from 1981 to 1987. In the meantime, I was posted to the Pharmacology Department for a year.

I entered government service because of my post graduate study ambition and thought I would be posted in the Health Department at hospitals. But I was given a teaching which was fine for me and my family. I had lots of free time to study, but I could not, after being away from studies for about 5 years.

I was resigned to be a life long demonstrator, but the Department of Medical Education changed its policy and transferred out to the Health department those who did not attend post graduate studies in their respective departments, thereby showing poor interest and less dedication to the Department. This led to my decision to resign and I got released in 1887


BHPP Shwesettaw trip 1992

I worked with the BHP-Petroleum for 2 years

the first season, I went along with their Geology Field Party on 4 wheelers to the Bago Yomas from Zaungtu, Chaungwa on the Bago hills, to Thargaya

the next season, it was with helicopters from PyinPoneGyi to Nyaungbinthar near Phyuu

during the 2 Field Parties, I went along to Shwesettaw field trip

this photo was taken on the Z-craft crossing the Ayeyarwaddy at Magway – Htauksharbin


I worked at the NanSiBum jade mines for over a year

It lies about 30 miles southeast of Khamti, about midway between Khamti and Pharkant. Although it is in Khamti township and Sagaing division, the geological structure is part of the jade producing deposits around Pharkant

I first got there towards the end of the Hot season, beginning of the Rainy season, when the whole jade mines is closed down for the duration of rainy season. The LaoPan decided to make use of the rains to excavate his mines and to save time. But to the dismay of all, the rains were too much and work did not progress as expected. The communication was quite difficult although when I got there the first time, the road has been just finished and I got to the mines on the company jeep. My predecessor, my friend Dr. Aung Htay had to go by boat and on foot

After the rains came, the road became impassable and our only contact with the outside world was by boat from Khamti

I stayed there for 6 months during the whole rainy season without phone contact with home. I wrote lengthy letters, a page here, a page there, and send them in a small packet whenever there is a boat to Khamti.

Only once during those 6 months did I get to Khamti for a overnight stay to make a phone call home.

I encountered many malaria cases including myself, as I did not take any prophylaxis, and I cured several cerebral malaria cases, who, without my presence there, would not make it to Khamti and proper medical care in time.


Nansibon jade mines 1994

The mine where I worked is owned by a Kokang family and it is the first time I got in direct contact with Kokangs. Previously, I knew of a Kokang dentist, my contemporary and classmate of Pyone, Wendy. I have seen Wendy around the LeikKhone campus of my Institute of Medicine I, Rangoon while I was in the 1st M.B.,B.S. classes. She attended Dental classes and is a close friend of Ada, who was my friend Zaw Tun Maung’s fiancée. I had heard of Wendy being a daughter of a Kokang Sawbwa, but did not take any more thoughts about it until I got to the Nansibum jade mines.

The Kokangs are descendents of the group that accompanied the deposed Chinese emperor Yone Hli who reached Ava and was allowed to stay after the Manchus took over the country. Later, when the Chinese government asked for extradition, Yone Hli was given back and once in Yunnan, he was killed. His followers returned to a no man’s land between China and Myanmar in the hills and forests. They speak a dialect more similar to Mandarin and are separate from the Yunnanese.

Many mine workers are from the Kokang area although there are also many who were recruited in Mogok and came from all over Myanmar

the blocks are 200 x 200 ft and the company operates several blocks

they dug large open holes down to the jade containing conglomerate layers which are interspersed with sand layers


Chinese new year dinner at Nansibum camp

one of the rare occasions where there was plenty food

the friends of the Lao Pan and managers are mostly Yunnanese


Bago Yoma timber extraction road, Kayah Phoo Enterprises

this time, I worked for a Loikaw based Kayah Phoo timber extraction company and got back to the old haunts I got to during my BHP-P days

most staff are from Loikaw and consists of Kayah, Karen and Bamars

a Karen guide is very good

he is a hunter and walked over 50 miles in the Bago Yoma jungles without the benefit of any map and reached his destination

I would have been lost within half an hour


Road to Mandalay

when my friend on the Road to Mandalay took leave and went on a pilgrimage, he left me as replacement

later he got a job in Yangon and I got his job

it was a new experience, being with tours and on a ship, which had been my first passion

and with weekly trips to go around Bagan too

I had to wear the uniform of a ship’s doctor which most guests do not recognize, but the Japanese knew at once

I wore the proper and correct red epaulets of the ship’s doctor during receptions instead of the gold of the regular deck and engine officers that I usually wore

I also liked wearing uniforms and I have been wearing uniforms here for the past 8 years or so

the Road to Mandalay docked at ShweKyetYet at Mandalay and it goes down once a week to Bagan with tours in Mandalay and Bagan for 2 groups a week

the return trip takes 4 days whereas the down trip takes 3 days


I took this photo when tours were made for Myanmars


the clinic is on the opposite side of the aisle

this deck is below water level, up to about 3 ft

the windows are just above the water level and are kept closed and water tight


the deck and engineering crew were working


I went along on tours to keep me occupied

but I had to wear uniform

otherwise, I could not enter any areas where guests go


M-305 Marine Drilling jackup rig helideck 1998

my only job with offshore rig although I have been with 2 land rigs earlier and many since

it was at the Yadana gas field operated by Total, a French oil company

18 wells, 2 vertical and 16 horizontal, at 2 platforms were drilled

I left the rig before all 18 wells were finished to join my current job

while I was on duty there, General Maung Aye and Secretary-1 Khin Nyunt came with only a few of aides

a group photo was taken with the crew but I was not in it as the rig superintendent asked me to take photos with his camera

I was within a few feet of the generals for a few minutes as they passed along inside the rig

Gen. Mg Aye did not say anything within my earshot, but S-1 talked with several Myanmar crew in front of me

it was a memorable moment in my life

being within arm’s length of the nation’s leaders

previously I had been only within about 100 yards of the President Mann Win Maung one Independence Day when he returned from the BoShu Thabin to his residence inside the Thamada compound

he was in an open car with horsemen in full dress uniform as escorts and I was on the Ahlone road near the Khayaepin road entrance gate




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