Bagan territory

the Khayaings and Taiks of Bagan era

There were 4 Bagans in succession:

Thamudarit king 127-152 A.D. Sasana 671-696   /  188-213 A.D. [nephew of ThuPyinyaNargaraSeinda last king of SriKhittra ] established nation in (29 Myanmar era) 107 A.D. at YoneHlutKyun. 13 years after the fall of Sriksetra

Son in law PyuSawHti 167-242 AD of Tagaung descent was crown prince.

ThayLeKyaung king 344 -387 A.D. built Thripyisaya in 266 ME [405 A.D.] Sasana 888 A.B.

PopaSawYahanMin 613-640 A.D. reduced the Myanmar calendar 562-560=2 640 A.D and built TampaWaddi

PyinPyarMin 846-878 built present day Bagan

Although Bagan was first established in in 29 ME 107 AD after the disarray in Sriksetra, it coexisted with the Pyu Empire until its destruction by the Nanchao in the 9th century A.D.

Bagan is composed of KhaRaings and Taiks.

Only the original areas are classified as KhaRaings and they include_

11 MyitTharr / LaeTwinn KhaRaings also called 11 villages:

PinLae_at the southernmost,

PyiManarr / MyitMaNarr_on the west bank of PannLaung river, just north of KuMae

MyitTharr_east of PannLaung river,

YaNgone / YwaMoneGyi / YaMone_on the west bank of PannLaung river, between it and the Samon river,

MyinKhoneTaing_on the east bank of PannLaung river,and controls the land to the Shan foothills,

PaNan­_west of Kyaukse, on the east bank of PannLaung river

TaMote / TaMoteHsoe_at the confluence of the Zawgyi and PannLaung rivers,

ThinTauung_north of Kyaukse, west of Zawgyi river, near SunYaeKan

MetKhaYar_at the confluence of the Zawgyi and MyitNge rivers,

TaPyetThar_ west of MetKhaYar, near HseYwar and OhhHteinTaung and

KhanHmu / KhanHlu / KhanLuu / Mon / MonKharaing_ at the confluence of the PannLaung and MyitNge rivers

6 Kharaings west of the Ayeyarwaddy in Minbu area including Saku, MaPinSaRa, LeiKaing, SaLinn

TaungPyone Kharaing in the area north of Mandalay

Apart from these, none others are called Kharaings and the Kharaings are the original Bamar and Bagan territories.

Next are the Taiks and they are considered to be areas won over for further settlement as the word Taik means “attack”. The Taiks include_

The area down river of Monywa on the Chindwin river and Tagaung on the Ayeyarwaddy river and from south to north they are: LaTae Taik, MokeHsoeChone Taik, MokeHsoeBo Taik, PinSe Taik and NyanThar Taik

There are 10 PinGyi Taiks west of the Chindwin river

TaMaKhar Taik at the upper Yaw river

PaHsit Taik near the 6 Kharaings west of the Ayeyarwaddy in Minbu area

MoneTaungTaik south of the Mone river

The PyiTawThar Kyuun / KyuunTaw near MiChaungYae is the southernmost Taik area.

The aeas beyond the Taiks are called NaingNgan.

Bamar / Bagan territory only included the KhaRaings and Taiks until Anawratha 1044 – 1077 expanded Bagan and built the 2nd ynmar Empire.

Anawratha reached the following during his travels:

Bengalarr and had rock statutes of musicians playing Si / drum, Saung / harp, Nyinn, LinnKwinn / , See, Sote, SiPote, MuYoe, TaPoe, many Khayar / trumpets, Hne / flute, PaLway / flute and dancers made (which came to life and played when king Alaung Sithu / Sithu 1 reached there.

NyaunfShwe Inn / Inlay where he built PawRiThut pagoda

GanDarLaRit Tayoke country to get the Buddha tooth (did not get it)

16 years after acsencion, Anawratha built the following 43 towns so as there will be no confusion between Tampawaddy and Kanbawza of the Maw Shans: KaungSin, KaungTon, NgaYone, NgaYinn, ShweGu, YinnKhe, MoeTatt, KaHtar, HtiKyinn, MyaTaung, TaGaung, HinnMaMaw, KyanHnyat, SanPaeNaGo, NgaSintKuu, KoneTharYar, MaGwayTaYarAung, Oate, YayNantThar, NaGaMauk, YinnMarTae, SoneMyo, TonePone, MaDaYar, ThetKaeKyinn, WaYinnDoke, TaungPyoneGyi, MyoTin, LaHae, ShintMaTet, MetKhaYar, TaOhn, MyinSaing, MyitTharr, HaingTet, TharGaRa, NyaungYann, ShweMyo, PetPar, MyoHla, KaeLinn, Hswar, BarYarNaThi

The LaeTwinn 11 villages Anawratha developed are: PinLae, MyitMaNarr, MyitTharr, MyinKhoneTaing, YaMone, PaNan, MetKhaYar, TaPyetThar, ThinTauung, TaMoteHsoe and KhanLuu

The Bagan territory during the times of king Anawratha is:

PaDeikKaYar Kalarr country to the west

NgaTuu NgaNarr YayTwinMee to the northwest

GanDarLaRit Tayoke country to the north

KaWainTa PannThay country to the northeast

SaTeitTa PinKar country to the east

ArYawSa Jyun country to the east

The Bagan territory during the time of king Sithu -2 / Narapati Sithu is:

Thanlwin to the east

MiShaGiri to the west

NgaSaunggyan to the north

TaLaing ThaYay / and Dawei to the south

The Bagan territories that insurrected during the time of king KyawSwar are:

Rakhine Dhanyawaddy, MiShaGiri, Thet, Myone, PannTaWar

NgaPaMon of Pegu revolted along with the 32 towns taking the name of TaRaPhyarr

WaReYu of Mottama along with the 32 towns

Yodayar / Ayutthhia, ThaNinTharYi, ThaukKaTae / Sukothai, PeikThaLauk / Phisanu, LaKunn, TheeMarr, AhKyaw, MaingSan, LinnZinn / Vientiane, LaWite, MyetHnaMae

ZinnMae / Chaingmai Yuun country with 57 towns

KyaingTon / Kengtung Gon country with 20 towns

KyaingYone with 12 towns

The towns east of Thanlwin: MaingMaw, SiKhwin, HoThar, LarThar, MoeNarr, SanDarr, MoeWuun, KyaingMarr, MaingMyinn

Only the 9 SawLon Shan countries west of Thanlwin and Pathein 32 towns were under KyawSwar’s rule.


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  1. WIN NAUNG Says:

    Thanks for Bagan Territory. Because I am Bagan blood, my address is
    Old Bagan ZayTan, my family stay in Bagan long time.
    But now new Bagan, I don’t want new Bagan. I love old Bagan and my land.

  2. Wagaung Says:

    Amen to that.

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