Who is responsible?

When I attended the Hazop safety training in Kuala Lumpur in November 2006 with 2 colleagues from my Company, we (there were about 30 attendents from SEAsian and Middle east countries and the 3 of us were the only Myanmars in that course) were given an exercise in which we were given an unsafe situation with resultant death of a worker and asked “Who is responsible”?

At a construction site of a high rise building, in one of the top floors near the elevator shaft, there was no warning sign and barrier at the opening of the elevator and a construction worker fell down and died of injuries.

We were asked: asked “Who is responsible”?

Some answered Supervisor, some Manager, and so on, but the lecturer was not satisfied with any of our answers and soon, we ran out of answers.

The lecturer finally told us: CEO

The reason: if any of the staff does not know and practice safety regulations, it is the responsibility of the CEO because he should have made sure his managers and supervisors are trained properly.

I had written about part of my current problem in my earlier note Irresponsible Myanmar International Company: Wisara International.

The problem is that people (neighbours living in the same road and Ward) keep throwing rubbish near my home. I live in Thirimingalar road / Attia road, 8 Ward, Kamaryut Township, Yangon and there is a transformer and Municipal water well and pump house in a space between the end of the Pyay Yeikthar road and the coener of the Thirimingalar / Attia road near my house. This space has been where people threw rubbish but the Ward PDC has posted signs not to throw rubbish and that anyone doing so will be fined 10.000 Kts. There was planting of Jatropha plants at the space several years ago as part of the national Jatropha project and the plants are now over 6 ft high. But when the Jatropha project became neglected, people began to throw rubbish again, but many do not dare throw rubbish there but at the side of my compound across the road. I have to clear it every morning and evening whenever I am at home.

The municipal does not collect rubbish from homes and the official rubbish dumps are at the other ends of the Ward on the Hledan and NarNatTaw roads in the evenings while I live in between. While many dispose their rubbish properly as I do, some neighours dispose around my house. Of course, most are maids or handymen, not the actual family members of the neighbours. But the household heads and their house wives do not seem to know or care where their help throw their rubbish.

Who is responsible for such irresponsible behavior?

The same reasoning regarding the construction safety applies to rubbish throwing around my house. If the maids and handymen do not dispose the rubbish properly at the assigned places, it is the responsibility of their employers who should have trained them and checked that they do their rubbish throwing properly.

These people, I am sad to mention and record, are some of my neighbors, those who live on the Thirimingalar road / Attia road, the Pyay Yeikthar road, 8 Ward, Kamaryut Township.



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