Body weight control and exercise for your health

For health, everyone should check their body weight and calculate their BMI body mass index to find out whether their body weight is within the desired range, overweight or obese.

Obesity is the problem with developed countries and the well to do in the developing countries!

Body Mass Index / BMI should be between 20–25 with the ideal figure being 23. If it is over 25, one is overweight and if over 30, obese.

Body weight is the result of the balance between food intake and energy consumption. There is calorie intake on one side and energy expenditure on the other. If one eats in excess of his energy requirement, the extra food is stored in the body as fat and body weight increases.

To reduce body weight, one has to reduce food intake and increase muscular work to burn out excess fat. To eat more while doing exercise is self defeating.

To begin, reduction of food intake has to be done gradually with the aim to get only about 5 lb weight loss a month. Do not aim to get quicker results as it might not be good for your health, especially if you have medical conditions like diabetes melliltus, hypertension and heart failure which are associated with obesity.

First, reduce your meal intake by a quarter of what you usually eat and cut back on snacks. Snacks are the hidden main problem in body weight problem cases. Do not eat anything if you are not hungry, and then, only eat the minimum that will appease your hunger. Do not have snacks unnecessarily, especially when watching television and having a conversation. Having beer is also a problem as beer and the snacks which are taken both aggravate the problem.

Take plain tea or water if you are thirsty and avoid milk and sugar in beverages including juices. Juices stimulate the appetite and one is left with desire to drink more rather than being satisfied.

Some weight reduction programs that restrict water is also not good for health as one becomes dehydrated and the weight loss is not the real fat reduction, and will revert when one takes fluid to correct the dehydration.

Any food that contains carbohydrate (rice, wheat, cereals, etc.), protein (meat, fish, eggs, etc.) and fat (animal fat, fish fat, oil, butter, margarine, lard, etc.) taken in excess of body requirements is stored in the body as fat. Of these, fat has double the calorific value than the other 2, so intake of 1 G of extra fat is equivalent to taking 2 G of extra carbohydrate and protein.

To burn out the excess fat, one has to do vigorous exercise till the body secretes adrenalin. Adrenalin produces glycogenolysis, breaking the glycogen stored in muscle and liver and increase the blood glucose level, thereby suppressing hunger. More important for weight reduction, it also causes lipolysis, breaking down the fats stored in fat cells of adipose tissues, reducing the body fat. Mild exercise, without the secretion of adrenalin is not enough to reduce the body fat and will not reduce body weight.

How does one know whether exercise is sufficient to produce outpouring of adrenalin? If adrenalin is secreted, one has heightened senses and increased heart rate. There will be a sense of breathlessness from the amount of physical exercise required and there will also be sweating for body temperature regulation. One has to exercise up to that stage: breathlessness, pounding heart and sweating to be sure to get weight loss.


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2 Responses to “Body weight control and exercise for your health”

  1. Health Centre Toronto Says:

    It’s greatly appreciated by readers of this blog to know what the body mass index should be at what age, especially if you’re seeking health goals.

    • nyiwin Says:

      Irrespective of age, BMI, Body Mass Index should be within 20 – 25 with an ideal of 23
      BMI between 25 – 30 means one is overweight
      BMI over 30 means one is obese
      BMI under 20 means one is underweight

      BMI can be obtained in BMI calculators when weight and height are entered
      or it can be calculated by the formula
      weight (kg)
      BMI = _____________________________
      [ height (metre) ] x [ height (metre) ]

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