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taken from the KoeNaWaing pagoda hill top where I visited during my visit to Mrauk U

path, somewhere in Mann oil field

pond behind MPRL Base camp 1-Feb-2005

taken from the KoeNaWaing pagoda hill top where I visited during my visit to Mrauk U

the time was in the afternoon and there were showers during the morning which nearly wrecked our tour; we had to use umbrellas!

it was the rain that protected us from the effect of the April sun in Rakhine

near AukKyaung pagoda, Mann oil field

the photo was taken during my visit to the AukKyaung monastery

the path leads to the AukKyaung pagoda, which, although not well known was the place where Buddha preached during His 1 week’s stay in the area; SetTawYar, SaKeinTae, Kyaung Taw Yar

path, somewhere in Mann oil field

for many, the idea of an oil field would bring the image of a barren place with Pumping Units, gas and oil lines as with other oil fields seen in news photos and documentaries

however, Mann oil field is different: there are oil facilities_Pumping Units, gas and oil lines, electrical posts, overhead electrical lines, transformers and well site tanks through out the field which originally was cultivated land with villages and even the huge AukKyaung pagoda and many village pagodas including the Nann Oo Phayar which was built by the king Narathihapate when he stayed nearby during his flight from Bagan to escape from the Mongols; it is now surrounded by a village, the Nann Oo village

although the wells and access roads are taken over for oil production, the farmers plant all cultivatable land which has been handed down throughout the ages from one generation to another in this area which extends from the edge of Minbu up to 5 miles away is cultivated, close to the well sites and access roads, sometimes even encroaching on them; the land is theirs, whereas the government took it from them to get oil, which should be theirs too

I try as much as possible to take photos of Mann oil field that does not include the hideous manmade oil field paraphernaralia, emphasizing the rural life (when I bought my camera in 2004, I took over 10000 photos within the first 3 years, most of them at Mann oil field, and I believe I hold the record of taking the most photos in Mann)

pond behind MPRL Base camp 1-Feb-2005

this photo was taken at the pond at the rear of MPRL Base camp, 1-Feb-2005

the water was still and serene and the scene very calm with the image of trees delightful to my mind and the few lotus making the view perfect for me

I only wish I had a professional camera at the time!

village in Mann oil field during the floods 2004

village in Mann oil field during the floods 2004

village in north Mann oil field, near the YayPu chaung, north of the Mann chaung, during the floods 2004

the village is built on high ground and all cultivatable land around the village has been inundated by the July floods of 2004

there are villages on either side further away

far distant land (not easily discernible in this photo) is the opposite bank of the AyeYarWaddy near which the river flows normally

This photo was taken 19-Nov 2004 at Mann oil field, MPRL Base Camp soon after sunrise from top of the radio tower.

The AukKyaung pagoda can be seen in the distance and beyond is the AyeYarWaddy.

As with many good photos, I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time.


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