After the Battle of NgaHsaung Chan: Bagan, Minbu, HleKya, Tayokemaw, Pathein and Pyay

After the fall of NgaHsaungChan 1283 December, King NaraThihaPatae prepared Bagan against mongol invasion by building a city upriver at YwaThar but escaped to Pathein when in destroying stupas, temples and monasteries for bricks to build a fortified city, a forecast that Bagan will be destroyed was found.

Earlier, there had been forecast that the country will be destroyed on completion of the Mingalar stupa / pagoda / Ceti and the king had ordered the construction to be stopped. The chief abbot intervened and preached to the king to finish the pagoda which the king did. The later developments in Myanmar history attested to the accuracy of this forecast.

The Mongols did not invade further into Myanmar at once after the fall of Tagaung in January 1984. It established the province of Cheng-mien. There were counter attacks by the Myanmar, including one which routed the Quduq Tamar’s army for invasion of Mien so that the mongol army wavered at the prospect of further attacks on Myanmars.

Sep-1283, Chinese army with more troops marched fromYunnan-Fu. They fought the battle of Ngasaunggyan in Dec.

Tagaung was taken Jan-1284. Northern Burma became a Chinese province of Cheng-mien.

The Burmans did not yeild easily. Quduq Tamar’s army for invasion of Mien encountered the rebels and was routed 1284. Reinforcements were sent and it was reported that peoples minds were wavering.

King Narapati evacuated Bagan and fled to Pathein.Anantapicci and Yantapicci made another stand at Male by putting up 2fortifications on the east of the foot of a range. Anantapicci was killed andYantapicci made an orderly retreat to Bagan where he found that the king had fled.He followed to Pathein. The invaders came after him as far as Tayoke Hmyaw andfinally gave up the chase because of the scarcity of food

After the fall of NgaHsaungChan, King NaraThihaPatae prepared Bagan against mongol invasion by building a city upriver at YwaThar and ordered bricks from stupas, temples and monasteries. 1000 large temples, 10,000 small temples and 3000 monastries were destroyed to get the bricks. In a destroyed large temple, a brass writings with a forecast “during the time of father of twins in Bagan, it will be destroyed by the Chinese” was found. When investigated, it was found that an attendant had given birth to twins. The king stated that it was too late to defend by building a fortified city and ordered to evacuate. 1000 YeHlays were filled with jewelry, 1000 transport boats were filled with rice and 1000 gold HlawKhar boats were made available to members of the court. As there was not enough space for all attendants, the king fearing that they would be taken by the Chinese, ordered them to be bounded by their hands and feet and thrown into the water.

The chief abbot advised the king to let them free and be taken by anyone. The king agreed and let them go. The king escaped to Pathein.

After Narathihapatae escaped to Pathein, Anandapyitsee and Yantapyitsee, after retreat from Ngasaungchan built 2 forts at Malae and defended again. The 2 generals placed Pyadar(lone) in their mouths and jumped up to 15-16 taung (22-24 feet) into the air and attacked the Tayokes (Bamars call all those from the northeast Tayoke, whether they are Nan Chao, Chinese or Mongol). While doing so, Anandapyitsee was hit by arrows shot by Nats and dropped from the sky to his death. The others retreated orderly to Bagan where they found that the king had escaped to the Mon Pyay and they followed to Pathein. The Tayokes / mongols followed till TayokeMaw when they had food shortage due to their large numbers and returned (to Bagan).

King Narathiapatae did not go all the way to Pathein at once. The king stopped at various places. It is mentioned in the Nann Oo (the fore of palace) pagoda of Minbu thamaing (history) that the pagoda was built while king Narathiapatae was residing a few miles north of Minbu near the entrance of the Mann chaung into the Ayeyarwaddy.

Yunnan reported in 1285 that they have not yet had time to invade Mien. King Narapati sent a peace mission.

It has been over 1 year since NgaHsaungChan fell by the time a peace mission was sent to the mongol emperor.

It is recorded in a stone inscription that while king Narathiapatae was staying at HleKya west of Pyay, Shin DiThar ParMauk was sent to the Mongol / Tayoke emperor for peace.

Once in Yunnan, Shin DiTharParMauk was barred from going to the emperor’s capital and king NaraThihaPatae sent a message to the effect that: envoys should not be restricted. It is on this fact that Dr. Than Tun queried the records in the Myanmar chronicles that the mongol envoys were killed on king NaraThihaPatae’s orders; he agrued that one who wrote that envoys should not be restricted would not kill envoys and maintained that the failure of the return of these envoys might be due to the local insurgents on the return. However, why would Myanmar chronicles record something bad about Myanmar diplomatic conduct if it is not true?

On the way to the mongol emperor, Shin DiTharParMauk had to stop for 3 months for lent / War twinn, when it became WarHso full moon for the lent until Thadinkyut when the lent was over. During the time, there were conscription for the mongol army and many Chinese monks were conscripted to the dismay of the local population.

During the time king NaraThihaPatae continued on his journey and finally reached Pathein and stayed there with his eldest son Pathein king till the time news of the success of Shin DiTharParMauk with the mongol emperor reached him. On hearing the news, king NaraThihaPatae, against the advice of the queen returned quickly and on reaching Pyay, was forced to eat poisoned food on the royal boat under threat of armed men of Pyay king, his son who was kept under chains earlier but later released against the wish of Pathein king. After killing king NaraThihaPatae the Pyay king went to Pathein and killed his elder brother Pathein king who was seriously ill on bed (by hacking to pieces).


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