In the footsteps of Buddha: the 3rd of the first 7 places

CANKAMANA (Cloister Walk)

CANKAMANA (Cloister Walk)

East to the MahaBhodi tree and on the north of the Mahabhodi temple, is a 60 x 4 x 3 ft walkway representing the jeweled path Buddha had taken during His 3rd week after Enlilghtenment. There are 19 lotus on it, representing Buddha’s foot prints.

CANKAMANA (Cloister Walk)

CANKAMANA (Cloister Walk)

Lord Buddha spent the third week here walking up and down in meditation on the platform. Lotuses indicate the places where the Lord’s feet rested while walking.

While Buddha looked at the seat of Enlightenment and the Bhodi tree for 7 days and nights, the Nats and Bhyamas wrongly thought that Buddha has affection for the seat / PaLin. To refute this concept, Buddha created a jewelry walkway in the sky and walked to and fro for the next 7 days and nights.

25-Dec 10 dawn


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