India through the eyes of a Myanmar visitor: urban India

toll booth

I have seen urban India in Indian movies, but this is the first time I witnessed it personally. Even then, I did not get to the metropolitan cities of Kolkata and Mumbai. I only got to Dehli, New Dehli and passed through Patna, Agra and a large city whose name I did not get.

security in the restaurant due to demonstrations that pass while we were having lunch

at the restaurant in Agra where we had lunch twice

fuel station

This collection of photos were taken on the way from Dehli to Agra and the highway had Factories, Warehouses, Universities and Teaching facilities on the side nearly all the way so that farms and other scenery was seen only for a short time.

Agra is a large city which contains the Taj Mahal and Red Fort.

I will post photos of more urban scenes and that of New Dehli separately.


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One Response to “India through the eyes of a Myanmar visitor: urban India”

  1. Bee Eng Says:

    I didn’t have any problem on looking at all these piictures though. Just want you to know that. You did work so hard on all these Blogs which I try to collect them all and I better put into DVD for safe. Thanks a lot for sharing…

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