In the footsteps of Buddha: the last of the First 7 places after Enlightenment

This LinnLun Pin / Rajayatana tree, a kind of forest tree, is the last place at Bodha Gaya, where Buddha stayed for the last 7 days following Enlightenment, a total of 7 weeks / 49 days. It was here that Tapussa and Bhallika came to meet Buddha.

rajyatana old photo

Location: South of Mahabodhi Temple in Mahbodhi Temple Complex in Bodh Gaya.
Importance: Lord Buddha spent the ‘7th & last Week’ after his enlightenment at this place. In this week he decided to work for mankind & he made two disciples here named ‘Tapassu & Bhallik’ businessmen of Utkal state passing by this place. After this 1st teaching to the world Buddha started traveling for Sarnath (Varanasi, U.P.).
In ancient period, a Rajat or Silver Tree, a rare plant was situated here. 70 years back, a plant of the same species was brought from Burma & planted here in the memory of that week, which shows the mankind – the path of peace & non-violence.

at the Rajayatana, the last of the First 7 Places after Enlightenment

Rajayatana (a kind of forest tree)

After Enlightenment, Lord Buddha spent the seventh week here in meditation. At the end of meditation, 2 merchants Tapussa and Bhallika offered rice cake and honey to the Lord and took refuge – Buddham Saranam Gacchami, Dhammam Saranam Gacchami (Sangha was not founded then)

Although it has been written as such, the first proper sermon has not been preached yet. It will be at Sarnath / MiGaDarWun later, to the 5 disciples / Pyinsa Weggi.

It was here while Buddha was meditating under the LinnLun Pin / Rajayatana tree that the merchant brothers from Orrisa / Okkalar, Tapussa and Bhallika reached the Mizzimadesh where Buddha reached Enlightenment. The Nat / angel who was their relative in their past lives showed up and told them about Buddha and advised them to go meet Buddha and showed the way.

The 2 brothers reached Buddha and offered the snacks / Mont မံု႕ they had, and requested that they be considered Buddha’s followers / U. Par ThaKar ဥပါသကာ as they then follow Buddha and Buddha’s Dhamma. They asked for something to pay homage daily and Buddha touched His head and gave them some of His hairs that came off.

These hairs the 2 brothers take along with them until they reached the Okkalapa country and had them enclosed in a stupa, the Shwedagon pagoda, as sacred relic.


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