Mahant palace and king Mindon’s Zayat

200 yards north-east of of the MahaBhodi Mahavihara, is the palace of the Hindu priest Mahant. The tall brick walls measure 600 yds x 100 yds and lies between the Narinjara nadi / river and the road. There is a 2 storey large brick building inside that looks like a fort.

Mahant Palace, view from rear courtyard

Mahant Palace, side view

king Mindon inscription house

There were 2 stone inscriptions, king Tharawaddy inscription and king Mindon inscription and they were housed in brick buildings side by side. Today, only the king Mindon inscription stands.

king Mindon inscription

During the time of king Mindon, the Mahant priest owned all the land around it and king Mindon got permission to build a Zayat from the Mahant priest on his grounds. Later, the land and the Zayat returned to Manant and Indians now occupy it.

king Mindon Zayat

Mahant palace side gate

There are shops all along the front wall of the Mahant palace and the huge door at the entrance is still in good condition.

Mahant palace front entrance


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