Tony’s place Ayutthia

We stayed at Tony’s Place while in Ayutthia. It is a nice place near the old Ayutthia bus terminal and once there, it makes me feel at home, as if I got to my grandparents’ house. My grandparents lived in Yegyaw, Pathein, Myanmar, across the NgaWun River from the city. It was a colonial era 2 storey house with round logs for posts and there were furnitures of that era when I visited it frequently during the late 50s and early 60s. Tony’s Place is of different design of course, but it is decorated with colonial era beds and have antique atmosphere.

colonial furniture

Many guests will have a delightful experience at Tony’s Place, while at the Ayutthia world heritage site even if they have not been to a real pre 1940 house.

The bathroom is modern of course, but the wooden door bolts look ancient although they actually are not. It is the ancient atmosphere that makes me want to return there if we ever get the chance to visit Ayutthia again. It adds to the experience of visiting an ancient city.

I asked the person in charge whether he is Tony but found out that he is the Manager. Tony lives across the road and I know about it because the motorcycle hiring shop owner told me not to park the motorcycle on the road in front of Tony’s Place at night but to keep it inside Tony’s house compound.

Tony's house is on the opposite side of the road: Tony's place


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2 Responses to “Tony’s place Ayutthia”

  1. nwe nwe oo Says:

    thanks for your blog.This place also reminds me of my ancient grandfather’s house in Mudon which looks very similar

  2. nyiwin Says:

    I like the double bed best off all!
    I feel sorry I did not take photo of the wooden bolt that hold the bathroom door from outside. It should be the climax photo!

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