Nann Phayarr နန္းဘုရား Myinkabar ျမင္းကပါ Bagan ပုဂံ

Nann Phayarr နန္းဘုရား at Myinkabar ျမင္းကပါ, Bagan ပုဂံ, near the Manuha pagoda မႏူဟာ ဘုရား is one of the 3 sandstone pagodas of Bagan. The others are the Shwesigone ေရႊစည္းခံု stupa and the KyauKuu OoMin ေက်ာက္ကူး/ဂူ ဥမင္ temple at Nyaung Oo.

The Nann Phayarr နန္းဘုရား is built on the site where the king Manuha မႏူဟာမင္း of Thaton သထံု lived while as prisoner in exile in Bagan after he was defeated by king Anawratha အေနာ္ရထာ / အႏုရုဒၶာ.

The temple is quite small and has barred windows and is dark inside. The place is protected by the archeological department and the iron door is usually locked. Tourists are shown of the temple as there are interesting sculptures inside.

There are sandstone pillars with finely sculptured images of floral design ပန္းဆြဲ, ogre eating flower garland ဘီလူးပန္းကီုက္ and Lord Vishnu ဗိသႏိုးနတ္မင္း and is much appreciated by tourists, although most Myanmars do not know about it. Myanmars usually visit the Manuha မႏူဟာ pagoda with its enormous Buddha image in a narrow temple, representing the restricted situation of the king Manuha မႏူဟာ and went on elsewhere on pilgrimage.

stone sculpture of Lord Vishnu

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