Mahar Thambawa & Cula Thambawa

In the year 40 Budddhist Era (504 B.C.) the Queen Keinnayi Devi of the Tagaung King Thadoe Maha Raja gave birth to blind twin brothers. The Tagaung king ordered the queen to get rid of them. At 59 Budddhist Era (485 B.C.) when the princes were 19 years of age, the king came to know about the existence of the twins. He ordered the queen to kill them again. The queen dared not keep them any longer and had a strong raft built and had long lasting food stored on board and drifted the twin princes down the Ayeyarwaddy.

The brothers ate the food their queen mother sent along with them and went down river until they reached Sagaing when their raft got tangled with the hanging branch of the Sitt tree on the Ayeyarwaddy bank. The Sanda Mukhi orgress who lived there got on the raft and ate the food of the princes as they eat. Because the Sitt tree is overhanging, the place is called Sagaing.

The brothers noticed that their food packet was not enough although it had been adequate previously. They discussed about it and make sure of each other’s hands and caught the hand of the Sanda Mukhi ogress as she tried to eat from their meal packet the next time. The brothers drew their knives to kill her. As the ogress could not escape from their hands, she begged them not to kill her and told them that if they spare her, she would do what they wanted. The brothers asked her whether she could cure them of their blindness. The ogress informed the ogres with superpowers about her plight and they gave her eye drops as they could foresee what the princes would do for the Sasana.

In Yarzawingyi, it is said that the treatment of the blindness of the princes began at the place called SaKu and that they gained vision at the place called Ywa Linn. The place where the princes could see clearly and said that the sky is the lid and the earth is the floor is now called Moephone Myayhte.


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  2. Dr Maung Maung Nyo Says:

    Dear Dr Nyi Win, Thank you for the Burmese folklore. Publish it like D Htin Aung’s Burmese Folktales.

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