Unexpected train ride by the Lake Geneva

I had planned to visit Lucerne, Switzerland and the Mount Titlis, the year round snow capped Swiss mountain in the Alps.


While in Venice 23 May 2016


At the train station, Venice 23 May 16


Boat ride in Venice 23 May 16

While in Venice, I booked seats for the train to Lucerne. The clerk booked tickets for Lausanne but I thought it was the way Lucerne is written in Italian or Swiss.

The next day we boarded the train to Lausanne thinking we were going to Lucerne / Luzern.


First view of the snow capped mountains of the Swiss Alps


Snow capped Swiss Alps

It was only when we arrived at Lausanne and the taxi-man told me that the Hotel we booked in Lucerne was too far away and he could not take us there, but to get a train there that I knew about the error. As it was dark and late, after 8, we stayed at a hotel and after breakfast the next morning, went to the station to go to Lucerne and got tickets for Lucerne / Luzern.


Tulip Inn where we stayed


Garden at the hotel in Lausanne


Lausanne 24 May 16

As we got to the platform 1, with 5 minutes to spare, a train came in and we boarded it. There was not many people on board and I asked a few passengers whether it was the train to Lucerne. The do not understand me but a man in coveralls came along and when I asked him, he shook his head and said no and indicated that we had to take the next train. As we were about to get down, the door closed and the train began to move. Soon we got to get the spectacular view of the Lake Geneva, twice, as we had to return from the next stop which was 3 stations away.


Lake Geneva



view of the Alps





Swiss country side



Without my 2 errors of wrong destination and boarding the wrong train 5 minutes earlier, I would not have the nice unforgettable view of the Swiss Alps, Lake Geneva and countryside.


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