I am a general practitioner and graduated from Institute of Medicine 1, Rangoon, on December 1976. After being a general practitioner for about 13 years (I was Demonstrator, Department of Physiology, Institute of Medicine-I, Rangoon from 1981 – 87 during the time), I got into the oil-gas business in Myanmar, first as Camp Doctor for geological field party of BHPP-Myanmar, for 2 field seasons, and then as Camp Doctor in road construction for the Kawliya-1 test well, and then at the well site.

Later, I worked as rig medic / Doctor for various companies and hospital (Deutag Drilling, Aung Than Lwin Jade mines, Kayah Phoo Timber Enterprise, Bahosi Medical Centre, m.v. Road to Mandalay, Marine Drilling) before finally joining the Baker Hughes Solutions at Mann Oil Field in 1998 April where I still am working with MPRL (which took over the BHS during 1999).

My interest is history (especially Myanmar and pre-history), archeology, photography and travel.

Jum Bum, Myitkyina, 24-Dec-09


11 Responses to “About”

  1. ReadersHeaven Says:

    Hi, nice to meet you !

  2. Daniel Otis Says:

    I am a Canadian researching Southeast Asia’s white elephants, and I have found your blog very useful. I hope you post more about this subject in the future!

    Daniel Otis

  3. PONG Says:

    Hi, i am PONG from Bangkok Thailland
    i like love Myanmar
    Please suggest me about your country

    do you have Facebook????

    Ja su tin Ba Dae – thank u

  4. Thitar Aung Says:

    Dear Ko Nyi Win, I lost you from FaceBook & I finally find your precious blog. Envy you a lot my friend.

    • nyiwin Says:

      Hi Thitar Aung, recently, I have not posted much on my blog as I was more busy with fb. Now, I have stopped using fb, but still have not found the urge to write

  5. drkokogyi Says:

    Hi friend,
    Long time no see.
    I hope UR OK.

    • nyiwin Says:

      I am OK Sayar. Have you met my classmate friend Dr. Saw Aung, surgeon, also in Malaysia?

    • nyiwin Says:

      After some time not having the urge to write, thanks to your posts here that I have read yesterday, I am now writing a note which I might post here and or at fb.
      I might not finish it or might decide not to post it at all, but if I decide not to post it, I will send it to you by mail
      I also have a fb friend in Malaysia, Dr. Nay Aung Kyaw from Mandalay with whom I recently got contact again on fb. You were from Mandalay, weren’t you?

    • nyiwin Says:

      I posted a note on fb regarding Buddhism and Christianity and from the remarks I got, I feel it is better not to post controversial topics in the public. However this one I am writing is not about religion nor race, but about the word “Kalar” as I understand. It might also be controversial I’m afraid

  6. nyiwin Says:

    I am OK Sayar. Have you met my classmate friend Dr. Saw Aung, surgeon, also in Malaysia?

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